a glass of water in foreground against beautiful sunset sky to represent going sober

Sober October

August 07, 2021

A blog explaining what Go Sober for October is, why it's beneficial and how to set yourself up for Sober October success.
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Alcohol and Anxiety

August 04, 2021

Jo explains how anxiety and alcohol abuse are linked and how to deal with anxiety when you stop drinking.

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a close-up of a water drop to symbolise the purity and health of living life sober

How to stop drinking

July 20, 2021

Jo gives you tips to help you stop drinking alcohol completely. This is a list of strategies to make it easier to stop drinking and stay sober.
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elephant in the dust representing wisdom, empowerment and strength

Why me?

May 21, 2021

Jo describes how it can sometimes feel unfair when you look at other people enjoying a few drinks and you wish that you could do the same.
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a perfect snowflake

It's all happening perfectly

May 02, 2021

There have been times in my life when things have seemed less than perfect at best and downright painful at worst. Why it helps to see the bigger picture when life gets tough.
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white model of a human head with black markings drawn on to show brain function and areas

Enlist the power of your unconscious

April 24, 2021

Jo explains how choosing your words carefully can help enlist the power of your unconscious mind to help you stop drinking and stay stopped more easily.
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MomoBean's Question

March 31, 2021

Q: How long will it take before I can go out and feel confident and happy about not drinking? It’s been 6 weeks since I stopped drinking and I still feel crap. I feel like I’m missing out ...

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row of uniformed men saluting to represent the importance of acknowledging our strengths when we stop drinking

Step 6 of the 12 Step Programme -defects of character

February 16, 2021

How focusing on people's “defects” could be damaging to their self-confidence and morale.
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a spade embedded in dry brown soil to represent the importance of self-exploration when we stop drinking

Step 5 of the 12 Step Programme - Admit your wrongs

February 16, 2021

Why reducing feelings of guilt and shame and developing a healthy relationship with yourself is important.
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a wooden gavel to represent the importance of not judging ourselves harshly when we want to stop drinking

Step 4 of the 12 Step Programme - Judging yourself

February 16, 2021

When people are their own harshest critics it could be less than helpful to ask them to stand in judgement of themselves.
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a woman with arms in the air facing the sun to represent the importance of connecting with the natural world when we stop drinking

Step 3 of the 12 Step Programme - Surrender your will

February 16, 2021

Why surrendering your will might be a less-than-helpful concept.
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a dramatic night sky scene showing the power of a storm to represent the power within us to stop drinking and change habits

Step 2 of the 12 Step Programme -Where's your power?

February 16, 2021

Can you only get sober with support from a "higher power"?
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lamp with shoots of blue electric light to represent having power over alcohol

12 Step Programme Step 1: Power LESS or Power FULL?

February 16, 2021

Is it more helpful to consider yourself power-less or power-full in your relationship with alcohol?
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small frame blackboard with the questions who, what, when, where and how chalked on

How to get started with stopping drinking

December 14, 2020

A list of strategies that to help you get you going.
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aerial view of glass of water with ice and slice of lime and fruit on table in background

How to stay sober when your work buddies are drinking

November 10, 2020

Six tips to help you stay confidently alcohol-free when you’re socialising with work buddies.
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despairing woman with her face in her hands

I feel like a failure because I drank again

November 08, 2020

How many times did I used to tell myself that I was going to stop drinking for a weekend, for a month, forever... only to end up back on the alcohol and feeling like a failure?
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snake facing camera with forked tongue to represent the lies alcohol tells

The empty promises alcohol made me

November 08, 2020

Life sober delivers everything that alcohol promises and then denies you. Jo explains how everything you want from alcohol is only attainable without it.
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man looking in mirror

How clean is your mirror?

September 10, 2020

Jo talks about how drinking alcohol obscures your view of yourself and how stopping drinking enables you to see yourself more clearly.
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two bottle of Curiosity Cola on a table with window in the background

Why sober holidays are better

July 29, 2020

A boost to your motivation if you have a sober holiday coming up. Jo explains why sober holidays are better and easier than you might think.
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car keys

The case of the missing car keys

May 25, 2020

A blog describing how drinking leads to drama and catastrophe and how, when you stop, you get control of your life back.
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brightly coloured corona virus cells on blue background

Ten Top Tips to staying sober through Covid

April 03, 2020

Some people might it more challenging to stay sober during the Covid lockdown. Here are ten top tips to help you through.
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woman running through avenue of trees with sunlight filtering through

How to stay strong when you stop drinking

February 09, 2020

This is for you if you ever get demotivated when you hear other people talking about how wonderful life is sober and you're not feeling it. 
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empty blue indoor swimming pool at a spa

Why stopping drinking was the best thing I ever did

December 31, 2019

Jo compares her old life drinking with her new life sober and concludes there is no comparison!
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head shot of author with scary spider's web tattoo on her face to represent fear

Why I was scared of stopping drinking

November 12, 2019

Jo describes what terrified her about stopping drinking and how all those fears ended up being unfounded.
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the back of a woman in an art gallery looking at three paintings to show the importance of painting a positive picture of life sober

How to make life easier when you stop drinking

November 12, 2019

Jo explains that the picture you paint of your sober life is the reality you'll bring to life... you hold the brush!
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bike-riding in countryside

An easier way...

November 12, 2019

Jo suggests that the way you think about stopping drinking and living life sober makes a difference to how easy or hard it will be for you and suggests a way of approaching things that makes being sober as easy as riding a bike.
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red and white swirly candy cane against pink background to represent sugar

What to do about sugar cravings when you stop drinking

November 12, 2019

Some people find themselves reaching for sugar when they get sober. Here's what you can do about it.
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sunshine over daisies at the foot of a tree showing the importance of positive beliefs about life without alcohol

Life doesn’t have to be denial and deprivation when you stop drinking

November 12, 2019

Jo explains the importance of believing it's possible to live life happily without alcohol and to willingly choose not to drink.
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woman smiling confidently at the camera with bright flowers in her hair to represent sober confidence

Stop drinking and reclaim your self-confidence

November 12, 2019

Jo celebrates how much your self confidence returns when you're living your life sober.
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placebo pills representing the power of belief

The power of belief

November 12, 2019

Jo talks about the power of belief and how you can stop drinking more easily when you harness the power of your mind.
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