spring buds at easter

Happy Easter!

So, what does a sober Easter look like?

It looks however you want it to: some people will enjoy quiet family time, some will be attending religious services, some will be going on adventures.

Whether you have a faith or don’t, it can be useful to think about concepts like resurrection or re-birth and how they might apply to you today. Whether it's a cross or a phoenix, you can use the imagery and symbols that work best for you.

We all have the power to rise from the ashes and to create the new version of ourselves that we want to be.

For some, it might help to conduct some kind of ceremonial “burning” of the old you to mark the passing of the old and the birthing of the new. Having this kind of marker sets your turning point in stone and helps the unconscious part of you to understand that there has been a change. And this, in turn, helps you to stick to the new patterns and habits you’re choosing.

I know people who’ve used art, pictures and diagrams to represent the old version of themselves; I know people who have used words, who have written poems and character sketches; and I know people who have used photographs or even items that belong to them. Then, once they’re happy that they’ve captured the essence of what they want to change about themselves, they bury, bin, burn or sacrifice it in some way. Then they replace it with something that represents the new version of themselves and create some kind of significant welcoming in of that new person.

Spring is a time of year for growth and re-birth. What seeds can you plant today that will become your future?

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I love the thought of a ceremony to say good bye to the life of alcohol I lived. A while back I wrote a break up letter to alcohol and said goodbye to our unhealthy love/hate relationship and than tore it up and flushed it down the toilet, lol. Seemed fitting


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