Make it easier on yourself

Make it easier on yourself


That’s fabulous, Tammy! I love that you are doing yoga classes and reading and journalling – so much healthier for you! You’re doing great!

Jo Burnett

I work at Costco, so my weekends are usually in the middle of the week, but no matter, I didn’t need a specific day to drink. I drink every single day/night, depending on my schedule. On my days off I would make appointments and lunch dates and cancel them because I would start drinking in the morning and I wouldn’t be fit to drive. I missed a lot of doctor appointments and nail appointments, lunch dates. Since I have been sober I have caught up on all me medical appointments and am finally healthy. I keep all my appointments and have added in yoga classes. I am still a bit lazy on my nights off and watch a show with my husband on the couch when I could be more productive, but a step at a time. I also have been reading and journaling like crazy, filling my office wall with daily affirmations, where before I would sit on my couch, stare at my phone and drink all day.


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