silhouette of sober people jumping for joy in front of sunset to represent freedom and confidence

Why can't I live life like that?

When I was drinking, I used to watch other people enjoying themselves without alcohol and be jealous. I used to think that I was different somehow and that I couldn’t do what they were doing sober – I believed I needed alcohol to really be myself and to have a good time. I wished I could live life as happy, free and confident sober as other people seemed to be.

But it turns out this wasn’t true. I’m now one of those very people who enjoys themselves without alcohol. Maybe someone has even sat in a pub or at a party and watched me having a laugh, tonic water or non-alcoholic beer in hand, and felt envious of me and my happily sober ways! I’m living life more happy and more confident sober than I ever was with alcohol.

The first few times I went to the pub and didn’t drink alcohol, it was work. Now I’ve practised it, I can go to pubs without batting an eyelid. I can enjoy myself, banter with other customers and bar staff and have a laugh completely sober – something I would never have believed possible five years ago. I can be around alcohol, around other people drinking, I can smell alcohol, I can order drinks for other people, I can use alcohol in cooking and desserts and I don’t give it a second thought.

For so many years I believed that this wasn’t possible for me and yet it was. Proof, if you still need it, that beliefs are not truths and can be changed and switched to suit you.

Now, I know that this is possible for anyone. It doesn’t matter what you believe about yourself and what you can or can’t do – that belief can change. You can change. All you need to do is practise living the version of life you wish for and it starts to come true. You CAN live life any way you wan to.

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