There have been times in my life when things have seemed less than perfect at best and downright painful at worst.

Like when I was splitting up with my son’s dad. When I cried and couldn’t sleep or eat properly for weeks. Like when the job I loved was being pulled out from under me because of funding cuts and I stressed and worried and resented for months…

When I was going through these painful situations, I couldn’t imagine what the end result, what the solution was going to be. I couldn’t imagine a happy future because I was stuck in an unhappy present.

I couldn’t see then that these things that were happening to me were actually gifts. That splitting up with my son’s dad was going to free me up in all sorts of ways and allow me to find better and happier relationships. That leaving the job and the project I loved was going to be a stepping stone into bigger, better and more exciting adventures.

At the time, it just felt horrible.

However, although I couldn’t see how my life was going to improve after all the pain and trauma of these events, I trusted that it would. I knew, at some deep, instinctive level, that although it seemed imperfect, everything was happening perfectly – just as it should - in order to create the future that is now mine.

Whenever things got really bad, like when I would arrange childcare days with my ex and he would cancel at the last minute, denying he’d agreed to certain dates and times, leaving me without childcare and a whole heap of important work commitments that I couldn’t ignore. Like when the new managing organisation that was coming in to take over the project I was managing tried to wiggle out of paying me either a salary or a redundancy package… Although it was impossible to know how these things were going to benefit me in the long run, I trusted that life was happening perfectly and that these things were happening for a reason. That life was just going to get better and my future needed these things to happen in order to work out in the right way for me.

It can be challenging when you’re going through a testing or painful time and you don’t understand why things are happening the way they are. But what makes it easier is trusting that it’s all happening perfectly for you – even when it’s painful. It’s all happening in the way it needs to for the right doors to your future to open up and let you through. You don’t have to know which door or what’s beyond it, you only have to trust that it will open. That you have a purpose and this needs to happen for you to get to where you need to be.

What can you think of that you’ve been through that was painful or difficult at the time but has led to better things for you?

When you realise that it’s all happening perfectly, you gain greater acceptance, calm and positivity and can handle what life throws at you much more easily.

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