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Habits of successful ex-drinkers 5: Accepting discomfort

People who successfully stop drinking and run their lives sober accept early on that there might be some moments of discomfort and challenge.

They understand that any discomfort they experience will diminish over time. In other words, in the early days there might be higher levels of discomfort and challenge. But as people grow more comfortable with their new, sober habits and start to embrace their new aspirations and goals, these moments and their severity become more fleeting and less frequent.

When people understand that discomfort is only a temporary state and will pass without harming them, they can allow it to follow its course.

Whatever these moments of discomfort are: a desire to drink, feelings of boredom, anxiety, peer pressure, panic, sleeplessness or even fear, sitting with them and letting them move through and out of you is the way to deal with them. Accepting them and letting them take their course is a crucial part of moving into the healthy and happy phase of confident sobriety.

Feeling uncomfortable with something is just that. Feeling uncomfortable is normal and natural and is nothing to run away from.

See what happens the next time you experience discomfort and you simply acknowledge the feeling, sit with it and let it take its natural course and pass through.

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