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Habits of successful ex-drinkers 6: Embracing change

One way to help yourself stop drinking and stay sober is to commit to making changes in your life.

You might decide to change your environment (stop hanging around in the pub at the weekend, move from the city to the country or even move to another country).
You might decide to change the people you hang around with (instead of spending time with people you only used to get drunk with, you start spending more time with people who are more likely to help you reach your goals). 

You might decide to change your behaviours (start getting yourself fit and healthy, doing regular physical activity, drinking soft drinks, hot chocolate before bed, taking up an activity or pastime that you enjoy or even just something simple like starting to go to bed early with a book).

You might decide to upgrade your brain power by learning a new skill like another language, a musical instrument or study for a qualification. You might decide on a complete career change.

You might even decide to change the way you think about yourself so instead of believing bad stuff about yourself like “I’m hopeless”, you train your brain to believe good stuff like “I can do anything I set my mind to”.

Whatever the changes you decide to make, the people who stay successfully and happily sober are the ones who understand and embrace that they need to change things up so that they can get more of what they want in their lives. When they have more of what they want in their lives… hey presto! The need to drink diminishes and their capacity to seize life by the horns increases.

What changes in your life can you commit to today?

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