a slice of chocolate cake to represent dessert at the pub

How I got sober inspiration at the pub

Jo describes a recent joyfully sober moment in the pub when she realised how much the tables have turned on her drinking and got a glimpse into just how much she used to manipulate things so she'd get to drink more.
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bike-riding in countryside

An easier way...

Jo suggests that the way you think about stopping drinking and living life sober makes a difference to how easy or hard it will be for you and suggests a way of approaching things that makes being sober as easy as riding a bike.
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four figures silhoutted against a sunset looking confident and embracing the night

Get your confidence back when you stop drinking

It's a common misconception among people who have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol that alcohol gives them confidence. The truth is, that over time, alcohol strips you of self-respect, self-esteem and confidence. Jo explains how you rediscover your confidence when you remove the booze from your life.
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a painting in an ornate frame on a pink wall

How to frame the living sober picture

In this vlog, Jo explains the importance of shaping what we believe about stopping drinking and living life sober in a way that works for us. When we create a picture of what living sober is like, it's important to make the picture compelling and inviting. How we frame the picture makes a difference...
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clear glass with soda water and lime slices with straw

Mine's a lime and soda thanks!

Jo retells a story from one of our members about what happened when they were drinking soft drinks at a party. The moral of the story is that what we pay attention to is what we get more of, so we need to pay attention to the event itself instead of worrying about what people might think about our drinking choices
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image of woman smiling and waving at the camera to show she's

Why you're better when you're sober

Jo explains how living life sober makes you a better version of yourself by allowing you to give 100% of your energy to whatever you're focusing on. She describes how you do everything better when you're sober!
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sun setting over a field to symbolise a happier choice

There's always a choice even if you can't see one

Jo describes a directionless morning walk and explains how, when you feel trapped or you think you have no choice, you always have more options than you think. When you can identify at least three options you then have choice as opposed to a dilemma and this gives you control.
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lit birthday candles spelling out Happy Birthday with balloons in the background

How to have a birthday sober

Jo shares stop drinking motivation and inspiration. In this vlog she compares the differences between birthdays when you're drinking unhealthily to birthdays when you're living life happily sober.
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Why you need to build your mind like a muscle

Why you need to build your mind like a muscle

When you first stop drinking, you need to treat your brain like a muscle. You need to exercise and build it so that it chooses your new sober habits as its automatic pilot. Jo explains that practice and repetition is the key to building and flexing this muscle!
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path through woods diverging into two to show the importance of planning your route

Get sober success by planning your day

If you want to be successfully sober, it pays to put some time and energy into planning your day. Jo explains why setting your intention in advance reaps huge rewards in the early days of stopping drinking.
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person spreading arms over mountain to show freedom from drinking

Four tips to help you change your drinking habit

Jo shares four tips that help you to stop drinking more easily. By using the right approach to changing your drinking habits, you can make life much easier on yourself.
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a sulking toddler having a bad day

How to have a bad day sober

Jo describes having a bad day and gives a bit of a reality check. When you live life sober, life still throws the same crap at you, you just end up handling it better. The bad days sober are still better than the bad days when you're drinking.
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a bowl full of colourful fruit to symbolise nourishment

Why you need to nourish yourself when you stop drinking

Jo explains the importance of finding different ways to nourish yourself when you stop drinking and gives some examples of the kinds of things you can do that will keep you strong, focused and motivated.
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barges on the canal at little venice on a fresh hangover-free Sunday morning

Hungover Sundays vs Clear-headed Sundays

Jo describes what Sundays used to be like when she was drinking (the crippling nature of her hangovers) and contrasts this with the joy of Sundays now: hangover-free and full of energy.
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a man sitting against a pillar looking depressed to show how trying doesn't work

If you want to stop drinking, don't bother trying

Jo explains that trying to stop drinking doesn't work. There needs to be a commitment to doing it or not doing it - "trying" is just an excuse to not bother. As Yoda famously said, "Do or do not. There is no try."
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a gearstick to represent a shameful incident of drink driving

How you lose the shame when you stop drinking alcohol

Jo describes how a comment in the pub prompted a moment of shame and explains how, the longer you stay sober, the more you become removed from the behaviours, the shame and the guilt that your drinking brought you. And, you pave the way to becoming more of the person you want to be.
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a can of

You can do this too!

Jo reassures you that it is possible for you to actually not even desire or want a drink, even when it's being poured and drunk in front of you. You can be surrounded by people drinking and not give it a second thought. As impossible as this might seem when you first stop drinking, with practice and the right mindset, you can do this!
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Woman in leathers standing by motorbike in the sunshine

Why I compare living sober to riding on the back of a motorbike

Jo explains how getting sober can be scary at first and how, when you practise for long enough, and let go of the "what-ifs", you relax into it and it ends up being an exhilarating and enjoyable ride.
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close up of mouse in garden on paving with grass in the background

Why did I keep letting alcohol get in the way?

Jo describes having to deal with an unexpected mouse infestation and notices that dealing with what life throws at you is so much easier when you're sober. She describes how alcohol used to get in the way of standard everyday things on her to-do list, let alone unexpected crises!
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woman with eyes closed and hand on head looking miserable

Why do I keep drinking when I just want to stop?

There was the time I woke up shivering and fully clothed in the driver’s seat of my car. I was parked outside my house, the sun was rising and I had no idea why I was there or what had happened the night before... Jo explains why we keep reaching for alcohol even though drinking keeps bringing us misery and why we need to figure out the positive intentions behind the drinking so we can stay sober more easily.
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pile of smooth stones balancing on top of each other to represent a balanced approach

There's more than one way to stop drinking

Jo responds to an article about AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) which caused some angry and defensive reactions. She suggests there is space for different approaches to stopping and more than one way to reach a happy and fulfilled sober life.
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red and white swirly candy cane against pink background to represent sugar

What to do about sugar cravings when you stop drinking

When I stopped drinking, I suddenly developed a craving for ice-cream, chocolate and cake. Weird, because I’d never really been into sweet things before. And, it turns out I’m not the only one. It’s a well-reported phenomena that some people find themselves reaching for the sugar when they get sober. Jo explains what you can do if you find that sugar is your new best friend when you get sober.
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ska band on stage with crowd dancing on a saturday night

Do you ever get Sunday morning envy?

Do you ever get that Sunday Morning Envy feeling? When you look at everyone else going happily about their Sunday morning business and can't imagine ever feeling that good on a weekend morning? When it seems like everyone else is part of some other, sober, happy species that you'll never belong to? Jo shows you how amazing it feels when you stay sober long enough to become that sunny Sunday morning person...
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woman looking at self in mirror to show self-awareness

How your self-awareness grows when you stop drinking

Jo explains how, when you remove the barrier of alcohol, you get to become more self-aware. You get to notice and recognise more of your thought processes and behaviours for what they are. If they're unhelpful to you, you get to do something about them.
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a cup of mint tea with a mint leaf to represent a sober alternative

How to deal with pubs and bars when you've stopped drinking

Jo describes some of the pressures people feel when they first stop drinking and are being encouraged to socialise in environments where they're surrounded by alcohol. She compares her first visit to a pub when she was sober to a recent pub experience and reassures you that it does get easier as you grow in confidence. Eventually, you don't bat an eyelid or think about drinking at all.
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cup of tea in sunlight to represent the gains of living life sober

Do you lose or gain when you stop drinking?

Rather than thinking about drinking as giving something up, it can be more helpful to think about getting sober as a huge gain that adds value to your life. Jo describes what she's noticed about how being sober has added enormous value and how it's the opposite of deprivation.
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hot air balloons against a beautiful sunset

Want to stop drinking? Get yourself uncomfortable

Jo explains a concept that can help you stop drinking more easily. If you're worried about going into certain situations sober, thinking about things in this way can help you stay strong in the face of fear and anxiety.
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woman working at desk

Is alcohol affecting your work performance?

Jo describes how much her work performance was affected by her drinking. She explains how, since she's been sober, her productivity and performance has shot through the roof. How much has your drinking been affecting your work performance?
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a wooden gavel to represent the importance of not judging ourselves harshly when we want to stop drinking

Step 4 of the 12 Step Programme - How do you judge yourself?

Jo explores the strengths and weaknesses of Step 4 in the 12 Step Programme and suggesting that asking people to stand in judgment of themselves when it's likely the people you're asking are already perhaps their own harshest critics could be less than helpful.
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padlocked gates to show alcohol as a barrier

What has alcohol been stopping you from?

Jo explains some of the different ways alcohol stops you from getting the life you want and being the person you want to be. And, how it's only when you stop drinking that you get to start feeling good about yourself and sorting your life out.
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