set of weights and bar bell to represent working out

How to stop drinking by breaking it down

Jo explains how breaking things down into small, manageable chunks helps to make your sober goals more achievable and motivating. You're more likely to feel confident and be successful when you take one small step at a time.
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a spider's web covered in water droplets showing how all the drops are connected

How to enhance your wellbeing when you stop drinking: 1 - Connect

Jo shares the first in a short series of videos explaining how you can improve your overall health and wellbeing when you stop drinking. These evidence-based strategies come from the New Economics Foundation and together form the Five Ways to Wellbeing report that was commissioned by the UK government.
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woman lying down comatosed next to a glass of red wine

9 good reasons to stop drinking

Jo shares how a Saturday morning looks when you're living in sober land compared to how it used to be for her when she was drinking. The conclusion is that there really is no contest - the gains from stopping drinking are so clear!
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empty blue indoor swimming pool at a spa

Why stopping drinking was the best thing I ever did

Jo explains how living life sober compared to living with an unhealthy relationship with drink is like the difference between watching a film on an old, small, grainy black and white TV with a poor signal and watching the same film on a brand new, large plasma, full HD, crystal clear TV screen.
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lime and soda in a glass with ice on a wooden beer table

How to have fun at the pub when you're not drinking

Jo offers reassurance that you CAN do all of the things you used to do drinking, completely sober, and enjoy them too! It takes time and practice but you too can end up enjoying Sunday afternoons at the pub with nothing but a lime and soda to wet your whistle!
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headshot of vlog author smiling at camera

Life is better sober, even on a miserable Monday

Jo shares her story of feeling miserable on a Monday morning but still getting stuff done! Even when life gets you down, even when you're cold, miserable and depressed, you're still better off sober than adding the misery of hangovers into the mix.
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plate on table with food and non-alcoholic lager

Socializing sober doesn't have to be difficult

Jo explains why it's becoming easier and easier to feel normal when you're ordering alcohol-free drinks when you're out socializing. You don't have to feel like the odd-one-out when you've stopped drinking...
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a soman having fun standing in the middle of a colourful flower bed with arms outstretched

How to have a fun bank holiday sober

Jo describes a bank holiday weekend sober and compares it with bank holidays when she was drinking. The sober weekend wins hands down!
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woman bending backwards in a sea of pink flowers to represent the freedom of living sober

Why you don't need to be scared of socialising sober

Jo describes a typical evening socialising sober with friends and family and compares it with socialising when you're drinking and when you're in the early days of getting sober.
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a laughing woman socialising with a glass of water in her hand

How to get through social events sober

Jo addresses people's concerns about dealing with social events sober. She gives reassurance that, once you get practiced and confident enough about staying sober, socialising without alcohol becomes natural, normal and FUN. She also gives some tips on what to do to get to that point.
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the blue-eyed siamese cat mentioned in Why You Create More Headspace When You Stop Drinking vlog

Why you create more headspace when you stop drinking

Jo explains how drinking takes up headspace and how, when you stop drinking, it frees up your headspace and allows space for other things. It allows you to look after yourself better, take pleasure in the simple things in life and appreciate the world around you more.
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The author of the vlog, conquering fear and walking into the sea

Why you don't need to be scared of stopping drinking

Jo talks about fear, how it can stop us from taking action and why we don't need to let it. Whatever it is that scares you about stopping drinking or living life alcohol-free, watch this vlog to give yourself some reassurance...

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A black Indian motorbike with a small pillion saddle

See what happens to your mental health when you stop drinking

Using the power of an exhilarating bike ride, Jo explains a bit about the relationship between alcohol and mental health and shares her own story about how her own mental health has improved since she stopped drinking.
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small frame blackboard with the questions who, what, when, where and how chalked on

How to get started with stopping drinking

When you first decide you want to stop drinking, it’s normal for there to be a struggle between wanting to stop and having the will-power to see it through. It can seem as if there are two parts of you in conflict, one that wants to stop drinking and one that wants to carry on. Jo gives you a list of things you can do to make it easier to get started with stopping drinking.
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a slice of chocolate cake to represent dessert at the pub

How I got sober inspiration at the pub

Jo describes a recent joyfully sober moment in the pub when she realised how much the tables have turned on her drinking and got a glimpse into just how much she used to manipulate things so she'd get to drink more.
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bike-riding in countryside

An easier way...

Jo suggests that the way you think about stopping drinking and living life sober makes a difference to how easy or hard it will be for you and suggests a way of approaching things that makes being sober as easy as riding a bike.
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four figures silhoutted against a sunset looking confident and embracing the night

Get your confidence back when you stop drinking

It's a common misconception among people who have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol that alcohol gives them confidence. The truth is, that over time, alcohol strips you of self-respect, self-esteem and confidence. Jo explains how you rediscover your confidence when you remove the booze from your life.
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a painting in an ornate frame on a pink wall

How to frame the living sober picture

In this vlog, Jo explains the importance of shaping what we believe about stopping drinking and living life sober in a way that works for us. When we create a picture of what living sober is like, it's important to make the picture compelling and inviting. How we frame the picture makes a difference...
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clear glass with soda water and lime slices with straw

Mine's a lime and soda thanks!

Jo retells a story from one of our members about what happened when they were drinking soft drinks at a party. The moral of the story is that what we pay attention to is what we get more of, so we need to pay attention to the event itself instead of worrying about what people might think about our drinking choices
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image of woman smiling and waving at the camera to show she's

Why you're better when you're sober

Jo explains how living life sober makes you a better version of yourself by allowing you to give 100% of your energy to whatever you're focusing on. She describes how you do everything better when you're sober!
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sun setting over a field to symbolise a happier choice

There's always a choice even if you can't see one

Jo describes a directionless morning walk and explains how, when you feel trapped or you think you have no choice, you always have more options than you think. When you can identify at least three options you then have choice as opposed to a dilemma and this gives you control.
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lit birthday candles spelling out Happy Birthday with balloons in the background

How to have a birthday sober

Jo shares stop drinking motivation and inspiration. In this vlog she compares the differences between birthdays when you're drinking unhealthily to birthdays when you're living life happily sober.
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Why you need to build your mind like a muscle

Why you need to build your mind like a muscle

When you first stop drinking, you need to treat your brain like a muscle. You need to exercise and build it so that it chooses your new sober habits as its automatic pilot. Jo explains that practice and repetition is the key to building and flexing this muscle!
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path through woods diverging into two to show the importance of planning your route

Get sober success by planning your day

If you want to be successfully sober, it pays to put some time and energy into planning your day. Jo explains why setting your intention in advance reaps huge rewards in the early days of stopping drinking.
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person spreading arms over mountain to show freedom from drinking

Four tips to help you change your drinking habit

Jo shares four tips that help you to stop drinking more easily. By using the right approach to changing your drinking habits, you can make life much easier on yourself.
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a sulking toddler having a bad day

How to have a bad day sober

Jo describes having a bad day and gives a bit of a reality check. When you live life sober, life still throws the same crap at you, you just end up handling it better. The bad days sober are still better than the bad days when you're drinking.
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a bowl full of colourful fruit to symbolise nourishment

Why you need to nourish yourself when you stop drinking

Jo explains the importance of finding different ways to nourish yourself when you stop drinking and gives some examples of the kinds of things you can do that will keep you strong, focused and motivated.
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barges on the canal at little venice on a fresh hangover-free Sunday morning

Hungover Sundays vs Clear-headed Sundays

Jo describes what Sundays used to be like when she was drinking (the crippling nature of her hangovers) and contrasts this with the joy of Sundays now: hangover-free and full of energy.
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a man sitting against a pillar looking depressed to show how trying doesn't work

If you want to stop drinking, don't bother trying

Jo explains that trying to stop drinking doesn't work. There needs to be a commitment to doing it or not doing it - "trying" is just an excuse to not bother. As Yoda famously said, "Do or do not. There is no try."
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a gearstick to represent a shameful incident of drink driving

How you lose the shame when you stop drinking alcohol

Jo describes how a comment in the pub prompted a moment of shame and explains how, the longer you stay sober, the more you become removed from the behaviours, the shame and the guilt that your drinking brought you. And, you pave the way to becoming more of the person you want to be.
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