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How to Go Sober for October

You’ve decided to be a sober-hero and sign up for Go Sober for October (an annual fundraising sober challenge run by Macmillan Cancer Charity in the UK) but you’re anxious about how you’re going to manage it. Here are some tips to help you...
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Benefits of going sober for October

Benefits of going sober for October

The benefits of stopping drinking, even for a month, are significant: better sleep, better health, better brain-function, more energy, clearer skin, healthier hair, more control and better mental health..
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Why Go Sober for October?

Why Go Sober for October?

Six reasons to go sober in October: If you have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and you haven’t stopped drinking yet, there are lots of reasons why signing up for Go Sober for October makes sense:
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What is Go Sober for October?

Go Sober for October is an annual fundraising campaign that raises money for MacMillan Cancer Support.It’s a challenge that Macmillan organise inviting drinkers to go alcohol-free for the 31 days in October...
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man looking in mirror

How clean is your mirror?

Jo talks about how drinking alcohol obscures your view of yourself and how stopping drinking enables you to see yourself more clearly.
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Why sober holidays are better and why you can do them too

A boost to your motivation and confidence if you're worried about staying sober while on holiday, Jo explains why sober holidays are better and easier than you might think.She compares her holidays drinking to her holidays sober and suggests that you already have the resources and tools you need to do this too.
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lightbulb to represent how practice gives you power

It's not failure, it's practice

Jo advocates a healthy and more motivating way of approaching any occasions when you might slip up and reach for alcohol even though you've decided you want to stop drinking.
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learning to skip

Lessons from a five year old

What a lot I learnt from my inspiring five year old niece during a day’s visit to my sister’s ... My niece is fierce, fearless and oh-so-determined. Jo describes the importance of resilience, determination and self-belief when you want to stop drinking and live life sober.
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car keys

The case of the missing car keys

A blog describing how drinking leads to drama and catastrophe and how, when you stop, you get control of your life back.
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despairing woman with her face in her hands

I feel like a failure because I drank alcohol - again

How many times did I used to tell myself that I was going to stop drinking completely or not drink this weekend or not drink at the party or go a month alcohol-free, only to end up reaching for alcohol and feeling like a failure? How many years did I spend thinking about stopping drinking and not actually doing it?
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A spring duckling on the pond, with small ripples

Sober Easter

If I was drinking, I wouldn't be experiencing all these little happy moments. I'd still be in bed right now, feeling awful. I would have missed the ducklings. Whatever you're doing over Easter, being sober enhances the experience and adds value to your life.
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Ten Top Tips to staying sober through Corona Virus, Covid-19

It’s understandable that some people who have stopped drinking are finding it more challenging to stay sober during the Corona Virus crisis. Here are ten top tips to help you stay strong and motivated if you want to stay successfully and confidently sober.
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FREE resources to help you stay sober during Corona Virus pandemic

I'm offering access to all areas for FREE during the Corona Virus pandemic. That means, when you sign up you get the same as if you'd signed up for the Guidance Membership...

Check out this video to find out more or go here to get straight in: Let me in for free

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How I won some self-respect when I stopped drinking

Towards the end of my drinking career, on the days I stuck to my goal of not drinking, my self respect went up, I felt good about myself and my confidence levels were higher. On the days I caved in and drank, my self-respect plummeted. Jo explains how your self-respect returns when you stop drinking.
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How to stay motivated and strong when you stop drinking

Do you ever get frustrated when you hear other people talking about how wonderful life is sober? Do you ever feel impatient and think that it’s just not possible for you? Do you ever allow this feeling to demotivate you? Jo gives you three tips on how to stay strong and motivated when you stop drinking.
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figure running along a beach silhouetted against the sunset representing the freedom of good decisions

Why stopping drinking was the best decision I ever made

Jo explains the difference that living life sober has made to her life and shares why going sober was the best decision she ever made. She also gives you a tip on how to make getting sober an easier ride.
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Christmas tree with presents underneath next to fireplace with decorations

How to stay sober over Christmas

Jo gives you six tips to help you stay sober over Christmas and New Year, no matter what invitations, social events or festivities are thrown at you
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Why I prefer my Christmas sober

Jo describes a drunken Christmas from years ago and explains why her Christmases are better sober than they ever were when she was drinking. If you want some inspiration for staying sober this Christmas, this is the blog to read!
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 a glass cup of mint tea with a sprig of mint beside it to symbolize well-being

Why looking after your wellbeing helps you to stay sober and how to do it

Jo explains why it's easier to stop drinking and stay sober when you're looking after after your health and wellbeing and gives you some tips on how to do this.
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colourfully wrapped presents to represent giving

Tips to stop drinking more easily 5: GIVE

Jo explains why doing good deeds, being kind and contributing to the people, the community and the world around you makes you feel good, improves your well-being, and helps you stay sober more easily.
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two young children learning to write with heads bent over notebooks and pencils

Tips to stop drinking more easily 4: KEEP LEARNING

Jo suggests that when you keep learning new things, you make yourself feel good, improve your wellbeing, and can stay sober more easily and (for those of you who like to understand how things work) also explains why.
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purple candle and flame against a purple background to represent mindfulness and reflection

Tips to stop drinking more easily 3: TAKE NOTICE

Jo suggests that paying attention to yourself and what's going on around you can improve your health and wellbeing, help you to stop drinking and stay sober more easily and gives you some tips on what to do.
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two women high fiving each other and working out by the beach

Tips to stop drinking more easily 2: BE ACTIVE

Jo suggests that being physically active can improve your health and wellbeing, help you to stop drinking and stay sober more easily and explains why, as well as giving some tips on what to do.
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a spider's web covered in water droplets showing how all the drops are connected

Tips to stop drinking more easily 1: CONNECT

Jo shares the first in a short series of videos explaining how you can improve your overall health and wellbeing when you stop drinking. This one explains the importance of social connections and how to make them.
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nojitos in restaurant in tangier

My sober holiday

I just returned to Spain after a two-day trip to Tangier in Morocco with my brother.It was such an amazing trip which has given me lots of memories to smile over in the coming weeks. Jo describes how the fun starts when you stop drinking and what it's like being in a place where not drinking is the norm.
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head shot of author with scary spider's web tattoo on her face to represent fear

Why I was scared of stopping drinking

Jo describes what terrified her about stopping drinking and how all those fears ended up being unfounded. She explains that fear can lie to you and you don't have to believe what it's telling you about life sober.
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a close-up of a water drop to symbolise the purity and health of living life sober

How to stop drinking

Jo gives you some practical tips and advice to help you stop drinking alcohol completely. This is a list of strategies you can use to make stopping drinking and staying sober more easy.
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snake facing camera with forked tongue to represent the lies alcohol tells

The empty promises alcohol made me

When I think about my life sober, there is a sea of realisations that wash over me one after another. But one of the biggest and most significant is this: life sober delivers everything that alcohol promised and then denied me. Jo explains how everything you want from alcohol is only attainable without it.
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the back of a woman in an art gallery looking at three paintings to show the importance of painting a positive picture of life sober

Here's how to make life easier if you want to stop drinking

So, you’ve decided you want to stop drinking. Or, you’ve recently stopped drinking and want to stay sober. Jo explains that the picture you paint or the story you tell yourself about what living life sober is like is the reality you'll bring to life...
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bike-riding in countryside

An easier way...

Jo suggests that the way you think about stopping drinking and living life sober makes a difference to how easy or hard it will be for you and suggests a way of approaching things that makes being sober as easy as riding a bike.
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