How many times have you decided to give up drinking and have been really certain and determined that this is what you want to do? But in the back of your mind a small but firmly-rooted gremlin of a belief has sat down stubbornly with its arms folded and its head shaking. And this belief has told you it won’t last. Or that you can’t do it. Or that you can’t enjoy it.

Henry Ford famously said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.”

And, further back in history, an old Latin motto, “Possunt quia posse videntur” tells us “They can, because they think they can.”

Your success depends on you believing that you can be successful. That you CAN do this.

You might be really determined to stop drinking and to live life sober but if you allow that stubborn little gremlin of a belief to have a voice, the chances of you succeeding are much diminished.

The great news is that you can deal with unhelpful beliefs. You can either absolutely crush them, or you can swat them out of the way, or you can gently train them into a more helpful belief. The Go Get Sober programme helps you to do this.

Your mindset as you make your way into your sober lifestyle is really important. When you believe that you can be sober or a non-drinker for as long as you want to – for life if you so choose; when you believe that you can have fun sober; when you believe that your life is going to open up into countless opportunities; when you believe in your own strength and capacity to succeed; and when you believe that you don’t need alcohol at all – for anything – then this all becomes true.

Create the mindset you want and you can do anything!

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