Being on the beach today brought back so many memories of feeling rubbish on holiday.

How many holidays have I spent drinking the nights away and recovering the days away? How many beautiful places have I visited (beaches, parks, rivers, historical buildings and gardens) that I haven’t been able to truly appreciate because the hangover has been in the way. How many sunny days have I spent waiting for the evening and six o’clock so that I can “feel better”? How many lovely walks have I taken that I have had to endure rather than enjoy because I felt like shit after the night before?

Being able to wake up, breathe in the sunshine, listen to the birds, see the sea in the distance and smile in anticipation of the day to come is the best feeling! When your world is no longer burdened by hangovers, guilt and fear, you get to be present for all the best bits.

The best bit for me today was tasting the delicious freshly-caught mackerel “butty” on Freshwater West Beach in South Pembrokeshire. Café Mor is an award-winning little food shack overlooking the beautiful beach and I really wanted to try their fresh seafood. Enjoying the sparkle of the sun on the waves, the salty smell of the sea, the smoke from the fish on the grill, the wind and sun on my skin and the fantastic flavours on my tongue (and half dribbling down my chin), this was a memorable day that I’m grateful to have experienced with all my senses and brain cells in full working order.

Life sober doesn’t get better than this!

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