In my quest for decent non-alcoholic beverages I have discovered Belvoir Coconut and Lime Presse. Yum! It has some sugar in it but it’s not much, and the flavours are subtle and light enough to go with any dish. We both had a glass with our Valentine’s meal this evening.

It’s amazing how much pleasure you can get from setting the table with a bit of effort, cooking something delicious from scratch and lighting some candles. Even using wine glasses with a slice of lime created a sense of occasion and decadence which was emphasised by the candle-light and the music in the background. I think we had the best conversation we’ve had in the last month over this meal (we don’t often sit at the table to eat, but have agreed we are going to do more of this from now).

Back when I was drinking alcohol, I couldn’t imagine taking any pleasure from cooking, eating, conversing without the wine there as the “treat”. And, it’s a different kind of pleasure – it’s honest, clear and real. I feel like the real me is present rather than in hiding and the longer the sobriety continues, the more confident and comfortable with myself I become.

Being sober is like finding a way back to you.

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