A spring duckling on the pond, with small ripples

Sober Easter

I've woken up and opened the back doors onto a spring morning bathed in sunshine. I'm so grateful for the warmth and light. I've just seen a mother duck and her dozen tiny ducklings running/tumbling through the garden towards the pond. That made me smile and feel stupidly happy. Another moment to be grateful for. I'm now sitting at my desk looking out through my open doors and all I can hear is birdsong and the occasional pheasant. I'm so grateful for the peace and tranquility. I've messaged a Happy Easter to friends and family. I'm so grateful for technology and the internet! 

I'm so grateful to be sober right now. Having a clear head and feeling positive and in control enables me to really focus in on everything that's right in my world.

Because I'm not hungover, I can experience all these things and feel gratitude and contentment. This then helps me to feel positive and happy more of the time.

If I was drinking, I wouldn't be experiencing all these little happy moments. I'd still be in bed right now, feeling awful. I would have missed the ducklings. I might notice the birds and the warmth but I wouldn't have the energy or headspace to really appreciate it because all my energy would be taken up with recovering and trying to survive through the day.

Whatever you're doing over Easter, being sober enhances the experience. When you first stop drinking, it might not feel quite as easy and lovely as I'm describing it – you might be having to put all your energy and focus into practising your new sober habits – it might feel like work for some people. But, once you're over the “practise” and you're comfortable and confident living life sober, you start to notice how much extra value being sober gives you on all those occasions where you used to reach for drink to add value.

What are you doing/thinking/feeling today that will be better because you're not drinking?

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