...than returning home, tired, achey and zonked from a super-active day out. A day out with anxiety, nerves, excitement, physical activity, fun, sight-seeing, walking, chatting, shopping and train journeys. And returning with that worn-out feeling that makes you want to eat comfort food, watch some crappy tv and fall into bed with a book.

There’s nothing better than feeling all of this in your body and mind. Right now, I’m shattered and my legs are aching, I feel slightly hot and very slightly flu-ey (but this is hormonal rather than illness) and (this might sound perverse) but it feels so good! Sort of like I’m totally in touch with my body and have a reason to indulge myself with some nurturing and relaxation. Permission to chill and indulge!

To have had such a good day and to feel all the comfort of coming home and enjoying a bit of a foody feast all completely clear-headed and sober is amazing. And, I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to falling into bed with my Kindle 😊

A couple of years ago, it would have been work for me to have ordered my non-alcohol lager alongside my brother’s normal one at lunch-time. It would have taken concentration, rehearsal and effort. Now, it requires no thought or energy at all. To drink or not to drink is not a consideration – not drinking is easy and brings such rewards.

Hang on in there and this is where you’ll get to 😊

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