Benefits of going sober for October

Benefits of going sober for October

Go Sober for October is a fundraising challenge organised by Macmillan Cancer Charity in the UK. It involves getting sponsored to go sober for 31 days in October and developing healthier habits instead. 

Even if you don't want to stop drinking forever, signing up for the Sober for October challenge and going alcohol-free for a while gives you significant benefits:

  1. You sleep better – alcohol affects sleeping rhythms and, despite the fact it can seem like having a few drinks is helping you to drop off, it has a detrimental effect on REM sleep which is essential for proper restoration and recovery.
  2. You get slimmer and healthier – no more empty calories and no more unhealthy drunken or hungover decisions about food. This means your body starts to recover and lose excess weight. It also processes food better because all its energy isn’t being taken up by processing alcohol through the liver anymore.
  3. You look better – better sleep and healthier habits mean clearer skin, shinier hair and even brighter eyes and whiter teeth!
  4. You get fitter – you’re able to commit to workouts and physical activity. No more hangovers equals focus and determination. You’re able to stick to your exercise plans and your body can work harder and more efficiently because it’s not dealing with alcohol.
  5. You have more energy – all the good quality sleep you’re getting, the better nutritional choices you’re making and the healthier physical activity your body is doing means that you have the energy and pazzaz to seize the days and make the most of the opportunities that come your way.
  6. You have more time – how much time do you lose at the weekends through hangovers and cancelled plans? Being hangover-free and having the energy to get things done means that you have more time to do more things that you want to do. You’re in control.
  7. Your brain functions better – concentration, memory and decision-making are all affected by alcohol. Not only that but alcohol actually wrecks brain circuitry and kills brain cells. When you stop drinking, you start firing on all cylinders.
  8. Your mental health improves – it becomes much easier to manage symptoms of mental ill health when you’re living life sober. In fact, in some cases, symptoms can disappear. Depression, anxiety and personality disorders are all made worse by alcohol which can also interfere with medication. When you stop drinking, you give yourself the opportunity to feel better mentally as well as physically.

Note: If you are physically dependent on alcohol, you need to consult with a doctor or medical specialist before you stop drinking to ensure that you detox your body safely.

Become a sober-hero, sign up to Go Sober for October, try healthier habits and help people living with cancer in one simple step!


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