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Why stopping drinking was the best decision I ever made

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Hi Janette, well done on your 4 weeks sober – hope you’re giving yourself credit for a great achievement. The couch to 5k is an app you can download on your phone (there are different versions available depending on where you are in the world) and it helps you to develop a running habit by breaking down what you have to do into small steps. It’s nothing to do with stopping drinking but I found it really useful to put my energy into something completely different from drinking and to set myself target achievable targets along the way.

If you want to feel your way around the support here and touch base with me for tips, advice and support, join up for a free membership while the Corona Virus lockdown is on. This will get you access to the Support Forum and the Guidance Programme – I’ve waived all the fees while many people are finding things challenging during lockdown. Now is a good time to join!

Keep up the great work and give yourself a big pat on the back :)


Hi Jo,
What is the couch to 5k app? I’ve been sober 4 weeks,and I’m feeling around for my way ,x


Hi Larry, yes! I’m glad you found this useful A great way to make progress is to start small – don’t compare yourself with others or with how you used to be – compare today with yesterday or what you’ve achieved this week with last week. Start with small steps. Just do the one thing in front of you and you don’t have to worry about the rest – it will all happen when you’re ready. You might want to try the Couch to 5k app (there are a few different versions) – I found it really useful. Keep strong and stay in touch :)


This was very helpful and informative to me. I used to run 5 miles 3 days a week and now walking is a struggle for me. I’m determined to start running for 30 seconds like you said and stay on my journey to sobriety

Larry Graham

Thanks Lindsey, glad you found it useful!


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