purple candle and flame against a purple background to represent mindfulness and reflection

Tips to stop drinking more easily 3: TAKE NOTICE

Jo suggests that paying attention to yourself and what's going on around you can improve your health and wellbeing, help you to stop drinking and stay sober more easily and gives you some tips on what to do.
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two women high fiving each other and working out by the beach

Tips to stop drinking more easily 2: BE ACTIVE

Jo suggests that being physically active can improve your health and wellbeing, help you to stop drinking and stay sober more easily and explains why, as well as giving some tips on what to do.
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a spider's web covered in water droplets showing how all the drops are connected

Tips to stop drinking more easily 1: CONNECT

Jo shares the first in a short series of videos explaining how you can improve your overall health and wellbeing when you stop drinking. This one explains the importance of social connections and how to make them.
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head shot of author with scary spider's web tattoo on her face to represent fear

Why I was scared of stopping drinking

Jo describes what terrified her about stopping drinking and how all those fears ended up being unfounded. She explains that fear can lie to you and you don't have to believe what it's telling you about life sober.
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small frame blackboard with the questions who, what, when, where and how chalked on

How to get started with stopping drinking

When you first decide you want to stop drinking, it’s normal for there to be a struggle between wanting to stop and having the will-power to see it through.  Jo gives you a list of things you can do to get started.
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a close-up of a water drop to symbolise the purity and health of living life sober

How to stop drinking

Jo gives you some practical tips and advice to help you stop drinking alcohol completely. This is a list of strategies you can use to make stopping drinking and staying sober more easy.
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snake facing camera with forked tongue to represent the lies alcohol tells

The empty promises alcohol made me

When I think about my life sober, there is a sea of realisations that wash over me one after another. But one of the biggest and most significant is this: life sober delivers everything that alcohol promised and then denied me. Jo explains how everything you want from alcohol is only attainable without it.
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the back of a woman in an art gallery looking at three paintings to show the importance of painting a positive picture of life sober

Here's how to make life easier if you want to stop drinking

So, you’ve decided you want to stop drinking. Or, you’ve recently stopped drinking and want to stay sober. Jo explains that the picture you paint or the story you tell yourself about what living life sober is like is the reality you'll bring to life...
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bike-riding in countryside

An easier way...

Jo suggests that the way you think about stopping drinking and living life sober makes a difference to how easy or hard it will be for you and suggests a way of approaching things that makes being sober as easy as riding a bike.
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four figures silhoutted against a sunset looking confident and embracing the night

Get your confidence back when you stop drinking

It's a common misconception among people who have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol that alcohol gives them confidence. The truth is, that over time, alcohol strips you of self-respect, self-esteem and confidence. Jo explains how you rediscover your confidence when you remove the booze from your life.
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red and white swirly candy cane against pink background to represent sugar

What to do about sugar cravings when you stop drinking

When I stopped drinking, I suddenly developed a craving for ice-cream, chocolate and cake. Weird, because I’d never really been into sweet things before. And, it turns out I’m not the only one. It’s a well-reported phenomena that some people find themselves reaching for the sugar when they get sober. Jo explains what you can do if you find that sugar is your new best friend when you get sober.
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sunshine over daisies at the foot of a tree showing the importance of positive beliefs about life without alcohol

Life doesn’t have to be denial and deprivation when you stop drinking

Today I want to share with you some words from a sober blogger – I think some of what she says might make sense to some of you. Some of it struck a chord with me: Jo talks about the importance of believing it's possible to live life happily without alcohol and to willingly choose not to drink.
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woman smiling confidently at the camera with bright flowers in her hair to represent sober confidence

Stop drinking and reclaim your self-confidence

Amongst other things, by getting sober, you reclaim your self-confidence.So many people tell me that the biggest surprise about being sober is how much they enjoy socialising: Jo celebrates how much your self confidence returns when you've stopped drinking for long enough
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placebo pills representing the power of belief

The power of belief

Having just watched a programme all about the power of belief and how the mind can cure the body, I feel excited because it seems like more research is being done into how powerful a tool the mind is. Jo talks about the power of belief and how you can stop drinking more easily when you harness the power of your mind.
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woman drinking alcohol at a party

How do I know if I need to stop drinking?

This is something I get asked all the time, so here is a blog showing you six signs to look out for. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not about the amount or the regularity you’re drinking that’s necessarily the issue - it's more your attitude, approach to and emotions around alcohol...
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circular ripples expanding on water

How to get comfortable with stopping drinking

You’ve probably heard the expression about how it’s good to “step outside of your comfort zone”. It’s bandied around a lot.Here’s Jo's explanation as to WHY it’s good to get yourself uncomfortable when you stop drinking.
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How to stop drinking in five simple stages

How to stop drinking in five simple stages

Jo explains the process you go through when you stop drinking and learn to live life sober. Having an understanding of this process gives you more confidence, control and power which all helps you to manage things better and makes it less likely you'll slip up and revert back to old habits.
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view from bed and breakfast window

Hangover with your full breakfast, madam?

Jo describes how infinitely better a B&B breakfast is when you're sober and can actually enjoy it!
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The author of the vlog, conquering fear and walking into the sea

Why you don't need to be scared of stopping drinking

Jo talks about fear, how it can stop us from taking action and why we don't need to let it. Whatever it is that scares you about stopping drinking or living life alcohol-free, watch this vlog to give yourself some reassurance...

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set of weights and bar bell to represent working out

How to stop drinking by breaking it down

Jo explains how breaking things down into small, manageable chunks helps to make your sober goals more achievable and motivating. You're more likely to feel confident and be successful when you take one small step at a time.
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plate on table with food and non-alcoholic lager

Socializing sober doesn't have to be difficult

Jo explains why it's becoming easier and easier to feel normal when you're ordering alcohol-free drinks when you're out socializing. You don't have to feel like the odd-one-out when you've stopped drinking...
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a painting in an ornate frame on a pink wall

How to frame the living sober picture

In this vlog, Jo explains the importance of shaping what we believe about stopping drinking and living life sober in a way that works for us. When we create a picture of what living sober is like, it's important to make the picture compelling and inviting. How we frame the picture makes a difference...
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person spreading arms over mountain to show freedom from drinking

Four tips to help you change your drinking habit

Jo shares four tips that help you to stop drinking more easily. By using the right approach to changing your drinking habits, you can make life much easier on yourself.
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man looking in mirror

How clean is your mirror?

Jo talks about how drinking alcohol obscures your view of yourself and how stopping drinking enables you to see yourself more clearly.
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fast forward arrows

Stay sober with the fast forward technique

Jo shares a useful technique to use when you're feeling at war with yourself between the part of you that wants to reach for alcohol and the part of you that wants to stay sober.
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woman looking joyful

Stop drinking and discover joyful living

Jo shares motivation and inspiration from living a sober life.Once you’ve stopped drinking and are living life confidently sober, you take so much more pleasure and joy in the simple things in life.
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steps to a better life

Five stages to stopping drinking

Jo shares five things you can do to make it easier to stop drinking and stay sober.
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car keys

The case of the missing car keys

A blog describing how drinking leads to drama and catastrophe and how, when you stop, you get control of your life back.
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