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How to get comfortable with stopping drinking

You’ve probably heard the expression about how it’s good to “step outside of your comfort zone”. It’s bandied around a lot.Here’s Jo's explanation as to WHY it’s good to get yourself uncomfortable when you stop drinking.
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How to stop drinking in five simple stages

How to stop drinking in five simple stages

Jo explains the process you go through when you stop drinking and learn to live life sober. Having an understanding of this process gives you more confidence, control and power which all helps you to manage things better and makes it less likely you'll slip up and revert back to old habits.
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Hangover with your full breakfast, madam?

Jo describes how infinitely better a B&B breakfast is when you're sober and can actually enjoy it!
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The author of the vlog, conquering fear and walking into the sea

Why you don't need to be scared of stopping drinking

Jo talks about fear, how it can stop us from taking action and why we don't need to let it. Whatever it is that scares you about stopping drinking or living life alcohol-free, watch this vlog to give yourself some reassurance...

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How to stop drinking by breaking it down

Jo explains how breaking things down into small, manageable chunks helps to make your sober goals more achievable and motivating. You're more likely to feel confident and be successful when you take one small step at a time.
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Socializing sober doesn't have to be difficult

Jo explains why it's becoming easier and easier to feel normal when you're ordering alcohol-free drinks when you're out socializing. You don't have to feel like the odd-one-out when you've stopped drinking...
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How to frame the living sober picture

In this vlog, Jo explains the importance of shaping what we believe about stopping drinking and living life sober in a way that works for us. When we create a picture of what living sober is like, it's important to make the picture compelling and inviting. How we frame the picture makes a difference...
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Four tips to help you change your drinking habit

Jo shares four tips that help you to stop drinking more easily. By using the right approach to changing your drinking habits, you can make life much easier on yourself.
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Stay sober with the fast forward technique

Jo shares a useful technique to use when you're feeling at war with yourself between the part of you that wants to reach for alcohol and the part of you that wants to stay sober.
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Stop drinking and discover joyful living

Jo shares motivation and inspiration from living a sober life.Once you’ve stopped drinking and are living life confidently sober, you take so much more pleasure and joy in the simple things in life.
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