table set for dinner with beautiful crockery to represent sober meals

Sober meal vs drunken meal

Jo describes some of the differences between going out for a meal when drinking and going out for a meal when sober and describes how much better an experience it is when you're sober.
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An umpire representing rules

A sign you have an unhealthy relationship with drink: you have RULES!

Jo suggests that one of the signs that you have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol is that you have rules and patterns to your drinking. It doesn't have to be about the amount or regularity of your drinking, it can be about the energy, time and thought you give it.
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dramatic lightning in a stormy sky


Jo describes being caught in the eye of a storm and suggests that when we're putting something off, the idea of doing it is usually much worse than the reality of doing it. JFDI gives you permission to get on with things and make the changes you need to make.
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sheep in a field

Sheep at the bottom of the garden

Jo talks about the importance of noticing and celebrating the things that make you feel positive, the things that you're grateful for. Developing a gratitude habit helps you to stay happier, motivated and strong.
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person jumping joyfully on beach in sunset to represent relief and joy


Jo describes the relief you can feel, when you've been sober for a while, that you're no longer the person you used to be when you were drinking and offers reassurance that this is the stage you get to when you stick with it.
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lightbulb to represent how practice gives you power

It's not failure, it's practice

Jo advocates a healthy and more motivating way of approaching any occasions when you might slip up and reach for alcohol even though you've decided you want to stop drinking.
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crowd partying to represent not being alone

You are not alone

Jo reassures you that, if you have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, you're not alone and explains that, the more you get chatting to other people about your story, you'd be surprised by the amount of people who are willing to open up and share their own stories about problems with alcohol.
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woman with hot water bottle representing comfort and wellbeing

Instant gratification vs wellbeing

Jo explains how you have a choice between instant gratification (with booze) or overall wellbeing further into the future and describes a situation where she chose instant gratification and booze and had to live with the consequences.
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man looking worried and deep in thought

How do I know if I have an unhealthy relationship with drink?

If you're not sure if you have a problem with drink or you want to reassure yourself that you don't or you want to confirm that you do, Jo gives you some signs to look out for and suggests some alternative ways of thinking about it.
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woman hiding under duvet

Hide if you have to

Jo shares some tips on how to cope with challenging days when you first stop drinking. She reassures you that it's okay to take time out and escape if you need to and stresses the importance of looking after your own needs.
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three trees representing three things to help you stop drinking

Get these three things in place and you'll be laughing

Jo shares three important things that need to be in place to make stopping drinking and staying sober a breeze.
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a glass of mint tea representing alcohol-free drink

How to explain why you're not drinking

Jo gives you some tips on how to explain why you're not drinking. Some people can worry when they first stop drinking that they don't know how to explain this to their friends and peers - they don't want to admit they have had a problem. Jo helps you get prepared and confident so you don't have to worry.
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Jo standing in sunshine having fun afternoon sober

Sober fun vs drunken fun

If you want to stop drinking or have stopped drinking recently, this is a reassuring and motivating video describing how much better social events can be when you're sober. When you're drinking it's easy to imagine that you can't have fun when you're drinking soft drinks. This video busts that myth!
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Jo wrapped in towel fresh out of the pool

Sobriety and courage

Jo describes taking a cold swim first thing in the morning and explains how stopping drinking and living life sober opens the door to rediscovering yourself, your strengths and infinite possibilities.
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placebo pills representing the power of belief

The power of belief

Having just watched a programme all about the power of belief and how the mind can cure the body, I feel excited because it seems like more research is being done into how powerful a tool the mind is. Jo talks about the power of belief and how you can stop drinking more easily when you harness the power of your mind.
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non-alcoholic beer bottle top

Non-alcoholic beers

I posted a pic on Instagram recently of my brother and I enjoying a non-alcoholic beer on a day out. The point of the post was that it feels great when you’re sober and the people around you also choose to go sober with you. Jo discusses the merits and pitfalls of non-alcoholic beers and lagers.
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money representing profit

Society and alcohol

One of the reasons so many people run into trouble with alcohol is the way it’s promoted in Western culture. Jo explains how it's no wonder that so many people develop unhealthy relationships with alcohol when society relies so heavily on the income from the drinks industry.
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nojitos in restaurant in tangier

Nojitos in Tangier

I just returned to Spain after a two-day trip to Tangier in Morocco with my brother.It was such an amazing trip which has given me lots of memories to smile over in the coming weeks. Jo describes how the fun starts when you stop drinking and what it's like being in a place where not drinking is the norm.
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sober at a party

Need alcohol to have a good time?

I don’t know about you, but when I was drinking, I found it impossible to imagine enjoying anything without alcohol involved. Jo exposes the belief that you need alcohol to have a good time as a myth and reassures you that you can change how you think about the need to drink.
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car keys

The case of the missing car keys

A blog describing how drinking leads to drama and catastrophe and how, when you stop, you get control of your life back.
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a perfect snowflake

It's all happening perfectly

There have been times in my life when things have seemed less than perfect at best and downright painful at worst.Like when I was splitting up with my son’s dad. When I cried and couldn’t sleep or eat properly for weeks. Jo explains the benefit of seeing the bigger picture when life gets tough.
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hurricane over the sea

Hurricane Florence

At the moment, Hurricane Florence is battering North Carolina and the state has issued a disaster declaration. Jo explains the importance of allowing yourself to experience all the uncomfortable emotions that a traumatic event can produce instead of escaping with alcohol.
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cat not doing or trying anything

Do different instead of try harder

Some people talk or think about trying harder when they haven’t succeeded. It’s common to think in terms of “I’ll try harder next time.” Jo explains why doing something differently is more important than trying harder when you want to achieve success.
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dog with blue eyes

Are you the dog or the walker?

Jo suggests the importance of developing a compassionate approach to ourselves as well as to others when we stop drinking.
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smiling woman healthy appearance

How you look different when you stop drinking

People are reporting all sorts of benefits to their body and appearance after a relatively short time of not drinking.Jo explains the reasons why we notice such dramatic improvements in our skin, hair, eyes and weight when we stop drinking
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woman drinking alcohol at a party

How do you know if you need to stop drinking?

This is something I get asked all the time, so here is a blog showing you six signs to look out for. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not about the amount or the regularity you’re drinking that’s necessarily the issue - it's more your attitude, approach to and emotions around alcohol...
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kitten sleeping

Sober bedtimes vs drunken bedtimes

Jo describes some of the differences she's noticed between going to bed drunk and having a sober bedtime routine. Celebrating the benefits that come from going to bed sober!
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spring buds at easter

Happy Easter!

So, what does a sober Easter look like? It looks however you want it to: quiet family time, religious ceremonies or adventures. Jo suggests that spring is a good time to think about aspects of yourself you want to change and how you can get ceremonial about welcoming in the changes you want to make
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An evening with Erdinger

An evening with Erdinger

I found myself smiling as I drove home from a night out with some ex-colleagues yesterday.It had been a pleasant enough evening with good food and polite conversation... Jo describes how it's possible to enjoy evenings out with friends and to even influence them to take the non-alcoholic option themselves!
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shopping trolley at supermarket

Supermarket shopping sober

I am four months into my sober life and just returned home from supermarket shopping.I can't begin to describe the difference between shopping when I was drinking and shopping now I’m sober... Jo describes how liberating it is to experience simple things like shopping when you're hangover-free and clear-headed.
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