money representing profit

Society and alcohol

One of the reasons so many people run into trouble with alcohol is the way it’s promoted in Western culture. Jo explains how it's no wonder that so many people develop unhealthy relationships with alcohol when society relies so heavily on the income from the drinks industry.
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nojitos in restaurant in tangier

Nojitos in Tangier

I just returned to Spain after a two-day trip to Tangier in Morocco with my brother.It was such an amazing trip which has given me lots of memories to smile over in the coming weeks. Jo describes how the fun starts when you stop drinking and what it's like being in a place where not drinking is the norm.
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sober at a party

Need alcohol to have a good time?

I don’t know about you, but when I was drinking, I found it impossible to imagine enjoying anything without alcohol involved. Jo exposes the belief that you need alcohol to have a good time as a myth and reassures you that you can change how you think about the need to drink.
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car keys

The case of the missing car keys

A blog describing how drinking leads to drama and catastrophe and how, when you stop, you get control of your life back.
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a perfect snowflake

It's all happening perfectly

There have been times in my life when things have seemed less than perfect at best and downright painful at worst.Like when I was splitting up with my son’s dad. When I cried and couldn’t sleep or eat properly for weeks. Jo explains the benefit of seeing the bigger picture when life gets tough.
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hurricane over the sea

Hurricane Florence

At the moment, Hurricane Florence is battering North Carolina and the state has issued a disaster declaration. Jo explains the importance of allowing yourself to experience all the uncomfortable emotions that a traumatic event can produce instead of escaping with alcohol.
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cat not doing or trying anything

Do different instead of try harder

Some people talk or think about trying harder when they haven’t succeeded. It’s common to think in terms of “I’ll try harder next time.” Jo explains why doing something differently is more important than trying harder when you want to achieve success.
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dog with blue eyes

Are you the dog or the walker?

Jo suggests the importance of developing a compassionate approach to ourselves as well as to others when we stop drinking.
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smiling woman healthy appearance

How you look different when you stop drinking

People are reporting all sorts of benefits to their body and appearance after a relatively short time of not drinking.Jo explains the reasons why we notice such dramatic improvements in our skin, hair, eyes and weight when we stop drinking
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woman drinking alcohol at a party

How do you know if you need to stop drinking?

This is something I get asked all the time, so here is a blog showing you six signs to look out for. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not about the amount or the regularity you’re drinking that’s necessarily the issue - it's more your attitude, approach to and emotions around alcohol...
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kitten sleeping

Sober bedtimes vs drunken bedtimes

Jo describes some of the differences she's noticed between going to bed drunk and having a sober bedtime routine. Celebrating the benefits that come from going to bed sober!
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spring buds at easter

Happy Easter!

So, what does a sober Easter look like? It looks however you want it to: quiet family time, religious ceremonies or adventures. Jo suggests that spring is a good time to think about aspects of yourself you want to change and how you can get ceremonial about welcoming in the changes you want to make
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An evening with Erdinger

An evening with Erdinger

I found myself smiling as I drove home from a night out with some ex-colleagues yesterday.It had been a pleasant enough evening with good food and polite conversation... Jo describes how it's possible to enjoy evenings out with friends and to even influence them to take the non-alcoholic option themselves!
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shopping trolley at supermarket

Supermarket shopping sober

I am four months into my sober life and just returned home from supermarket shopping.I can't begin to describe the difference between shopping when I was drinking and shopping now I’m sober... Jo describes how liberating it is to experience simple things like shopping when you're hangover-free and clear-headed.
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wedding tables

Sober weddings

Some people find that weddings can be a big challenge to experience sober. Especially the first time. Jo describes a wedding she went to and how, eventually, you can enjoy weddings and other big social events, sober, even if you're shy and awkward in big crowds.
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learning to skip

Lessons from a five year old

What a lot I learnt from my inspiring five year old niece during a day’s visit to my sister’s ... My niece is fierce, fearless and oh-so-determined. Jo describes the importance of resilience, determination and self-belief when you want to stop drinking and live life sober.
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mugs with valentines hearts

Sober firsts: Valentine's Day

Jo describes how her first Valentine's meal sober was way more pleasurable than she had anticipated and how she's becoming more of herself the longer she's sober.
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cup of peppermint tea

Sober firsts: Peppermint Tea at the local pub

One Friday evening in the early days of getting sober… I was feeling shattered and there was no food in the house. I was also feeling slightly tense as I would normally be fixated on the opening and pouring of my gin and tonic Jo describes a first visit to the pub sober and how it turned out better than okay.
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circular ripples expanding on water

How to get comfortable with stopping drinking

You’ve probably heard the expression about how it’s good to “step outside of your comfort zone”. It’s bandied around a lot.Here’s Jo's explanation as to WHY it’s good to get yourself uncomfortable when you stop drinking.
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view from bed and breakfast window

Hangover with your full breakfast, madam?

Jo describes how infinitely better a B&B breakfast is when you're sober and can actually enjoy it!
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scissors to represent cutting down

Should you cut down, take a break or stop drinking completely?

Jo outlines some of the advantages and disadvantages to different ways of dealing with your relationship with alcohol: should you stop drinking completely, take a break or simply cut down?
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puppy looking uncomfortable

Building resilience by staying sober

Jo explains how staying sober through any feelings of discomfort or challenging situations builds resilience and makes you stronger.
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pile of smooth stones on empty beach representing the right mindset


Jo explains the importance of having the right mindset when you're changing a drinking habit. Believing in success leads to success!
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fast forward arrows

Stay sober with the fast forward technique

Jo shares a useful technique to use when you're feeling at war with yourself between the part of you that wants to reach for alcohol and the part of you that wants to stay sober.
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new year fireworks

A great start to the New Year!

Jo explains how to get your New Year off to the best start!
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filming a wine glass being smashed

Filming Fun

Jo describes how she enjoyed herself filming smashing wine glasses and pouring wine away on a cold winter's day and how important it is to recognise that you CAN enjoy things and have a laugh sober.
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eating mackerel butty on the beach

Sober at the beach

Jo describes the experience of being on the beach and holidaying sober compared to when she was drinking... it's a no-brainer, folks! Sober wins hands down!
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jumping for joy on beach

Fear and freedom on the beach

Jo describes how getting sober enables you to face fear and live a freer life as a result.
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bandaged teddy

Alcohol as a bandage

Jo introduces the concept of alcohol as a bandage or medicine for untreated wounds.
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valentine flowers and hearts on tree

A Valentine's blog

Jo shares some tips on how to care for yourself in a loving a nurturing way that helps you to build a better relationship with yourself. When you have a good relationship with yourself, you reduce the need to reach for alcohol to feel better.
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