fresh morning scene

Waking up fresh while everyone else is still in bed

Jo describes waking up super-fresh and seizing the day while all her visitors are in bed sleeping off the alcohol from the night before. How focusing on the gains of staying sober helps you stay strong, positive and motivated when you’re living life alcohol-free.
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toothbrush for fresh breath

Benefits of being sober: fresh breath

When you stop drinking and get sober, one of the things you can celebrate is the joy of noticing that you no longer feel paranoid about any stale alcohol fumes on your breath. Losing the paranoia gains you more self-confidence!
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old woman representing time

The time to act is now

Jo explains why there is no better time than now to stop drinking and get the sober life you want.
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social group of four people

Sober and socially authentic

Jo describes how stopping drinking and living life sober allows you to become more of your authentic self and to find the places, people and situations where you belong.
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kitten sleeping

Sober sleep vs drunken sleep

Jo explains how alcohol impacts the quality of your sleep and how you sleep much better when you’ve stopped drinking and are living life sober.
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woman hurdling

Sober hurdling

Jo explains how alcohol blocks you from earning your place in the world, your happiness and your confidence because it stops you from working through the hurdles and challenges that life throws you. Only by finding your way over the hurdles sober do you get to grow and develop and learn to be at ease with yourself.
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droplet of water sparkling on blade of grass

Sober encounters

Jo describes how, far from losing your sparkle when you stop drinking, you regain your natural sparkle and the quality of your interactions and conversations improves.
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woman looking bored

Scared you're going to become boring when you stop drinking?

Lots of people worry that they will become boring and dull when they stop drinking. Jo reassures you that you can still enjoy yourself and even grow in confidence when you’re living life sober.
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bottle of San Miguel Zero Limon

Introducing you to San Miguel Zero Limon

Jo introduces San Miguel Zero Limon – a refreshing soft drink alternative to use in place of alcoholic drinks when you’ve stopped drinking and are living life sober.
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Baby enjoying life

What's the point without alcohol?

If you have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, it can seem like there’s not much point or enjoyment to things when you’re not drinking. Jo offers reassurance that it is possible to enjoy things when you’ve stopped drinking.
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holding hands for reassurance

Failed to stay sober? Here's some reassurance

If you’ve tried to stop drinking and have ended up going back to alcohol again, if you’ve ever felt like you can’t stick to living life sober, Jo gives you some reassurance and explains how staying sober is possible for you.
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Celebrating with flowers

Pure joy!

Jo describes how the quality of your relationships, your connections and your interactions with other people improves massively when you’ve stopped drinking and are living life sober. There is always something to celebrate!
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woman feeling positive amongst sunflowers

A piece of positivity

Jo shares a story about how life just keeps on getting better when you’ve stopped drinking and are becoming more confident with living life sober.
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women exercising on a beach

Stop drinking with physical activity and exercise

Jo explains why exercise helps make stopping drinking and staying sober so much easier.
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stop sign

You have permission to say no

If you’ve recently stopped drinking and find yourself struggling to say no to alcohol that someone else is offering you, Jo advises and reassures you and gives you permission to stop, consider and say no.
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a crowd of many people

You are not alone

Jo explains that, when you have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, you’re not alone. Of the people you meet and who are around you, there will be others who also struggle with alcohol – you just might not know who they are – you are one of many, not the odd one out!
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strong woman with powerful legs

Myth-busting 4: You are powerless

Jo busts the myth that when you have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, you are powerless against some kind of disease of the mind or body. And suggests you have all the power and resources you need to stop drinking and stay happily sober.
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dandelion seeds floating free

Myth-busting 3: Daily struggle

The third in Jo's series of myth-busting videos: this one busts the myth that when you stop drinking, every day is a struggle for the rest of your life and suggests an alternative and more positive way of experiencing living life sober.
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rocks at bottom of cliff

Myth-busting 2: You need to reach rock bottom

Number 2 in the myth-busting series: Jo busts the myth that you have to reach some kind of rock bottom before you stop drinking, get sober and turn your life around.
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alcoholic on the street

Myth-busting 1: I'm either an alcoholic or I'm in denial

Jo starts a series of myth-busting vlogs. The first one discusses the term "alcoholic" and suggests you don't have to subscribe to the negative and misleading depictions of stopping drinking and getting sober that are out there.
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person experiencing trauma

Surviving trauma sober

Jo describes how you can survive anything sober, no matter how traumatic or stressful. Once you’ve flicked that switch in your mind and have become a non-drinker, anything is possible.
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mountains in sunshine

My little mountain family

Jo explains why a supportive community is so important for people when they stop drinking and start living life sober.
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toes in water pleasure

Magic moments!

Jo suggests that, when you stop drinking and get sober, your life provides you with more magic moments and pleasure in the simple things than you could have imagined.
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row of doors demonstrating choice

Am I an alcoholic?

Jo explains why using terms like “alcoholic” can be problematic for some people and offers an alternative way of thinking about your relationship with alcohol.
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woman keeping fit

Let's go get sober and fit!

Jo explains how getting fit can help you stop drinking and how stopping drinking helps you stay fitter and healthier - it's a win-win!
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woman looking joyful

Joyful living!

Jo shares motivation and inspiration from living a sober life.Once you’ve stopped drinking and are living life confidently sober, you take so much more pleasure and joy in the simple things in life.
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clear water droplets

Introducing cucumber water!

Jo introduces you to a healthy, alcohol-free alternative for when it’s hot and you need a refreshing chilled drink.
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A community of different coloured counters

The importance of community

Jo talks about why having a supportive community around you is so important when you stop drinking and decide to stay sober.
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toddler learning to walk

How to deal with slip-ups

Jo introduces a different way of thinking about things when you've stopped drinking but slip up and reach for alcohol again. An approach that helps you to stay more motivated to get back on track and stay sober.
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hand offering hope

Hope and reassurance

If you’re scared about stopping drinking because you can’t imagine life without alcohol, Jo gives you hope and reassurance and lets you know you can do it
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