clear water droplets

Introducing cucumber water!

Jo introduces you to a healthy, alcohol-free alternative for when it’s hot and you need a refreshing chilled drink.
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toddler learning to walk

How to deal with slip-ups

Jo introduces a different way of thinking about things when you've stopped drinking but slip up and reach for alcohol again. An approach that helps you to stay more motivated to get back on track and stay sober.
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hand offering hope

Hope and reassurance

If you’re scared about stopping drinking because you can’t imagine life without alcohol, Jo gives you hope and reassurance and lets you know you can do it
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man holding on to empty bottle

Hold onto your motivation!

Jo shares helpful advice on how to stop drinking and stay sober more easily by remembering what motivated you to quit in the first place.
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woman at hairdressers

Fresh breath builds confidence

Jo describes how getting a hair-cut is a much more pleasurable experience when you’re sober and you’re not worrying about stale alcohol fumes. How your confidence grows when you lose the paranoia that drinking brings.
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plane at the airport

Sober flying vs drunk flying

Jo explains the difference between travelling with anxiety and alcohol in her drinking days and travelling sober now – there’s no comparison!
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running, keeping fit

How getting fit can help you stay sober

Jo explains how keeping physically active and setting yourself fitness goals can help you stop drinking and stay sober.
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playing guitar in a band

Enjoying the band sober

Jo explains how it’s possible to enjoy going out and doing the same things sober that you used to do when you were drinking.
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people enjoying conversation

Effortless conversation sober vs trying too hard with alcohol

Jo explains how much easier it is to talk to other people when you’ve stopped drinking and become naturally yourself, compared to when you’re using alcohol to help you become someone else.
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man losing control

Don't waste your energy

Jo encourages you to put your energy into the things you can control, rather than wasting it on the things you can’t. This makes stopping drinking and getting sober a whole lot easier.
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alcohol as poison

If you have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, it's no surprise!

Jo suggests that it’s no surprise so many of us develop an unhealthy relationship with alcohol.
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man looking in mirror

How clean is your mirror?

Jo talks about how drinking alcohol obscures your view of yourself and how stopping drinking enables you to see yourself more clearly.
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Better conversations sober!

Jo explains how the quality of your conversations and connections with other people improves when you’re sober and being naturally you.
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drinking in a bar

A sober evening with pissed people

Jo tells the story of how it was for her to be out sober when the people she was with were drinking and drunk. How liberating it is to realise you’re no longer "that person".
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lifting weight

A hidden health benefit to stopping drinking

Jo explains how an unhealthy relationship with alcohol can eat away at your conscience, your self-respect and your self-confidence. This means that when you stop drinking, this weight is lifted from you, leaving you free to create the life you want.
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steps to a better life

Five stages to stopping drinking

Jo shares five things you can do to make it easier to stop drinking and stay sober.
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