About the Guidance Membership

THE GO GET SOBER GUIDANCE PROGRAMME is an online sober coaching programme split into structured modules and steps that shows you what to do and how to do it.

We guide you through you activities, strategies and actions that help to build your confidence in living your life sober. All of the activities are based on tried and tested strategies that help people to change their behaviour and their mindset.

If you want to stop drinking and learn how to live healthily and happily sober and you want some help to do it, the Guidance Programme is for you. It will give you all the knowledge, tools and tips you need to not just stop drinking, but to stay stopped. It helps you to enjoy living your life sober so that you never need to go back to drinking again.


It’s for you if:
• you’re worried about your relationship with alcohol
• you’re worried you can’t stop drinking
• you’ve tried before and not been able to stay sober
• you want some help and guidance on how to master living life alcohol-free
• you want some power and control back in your life
• you want to be shown strategies that work
• you’re ready to do things differently and commit to taking action


• You get to feel motivated, confident and positive about living life sober
• You learn techniques that help you to overcome temptation, challenges and triggers to drink
• You get support, encouragement and guidance on what to do and how to do it so you can stay sober successfully
• You get to deal healthily with some of the issues that might have led to an unhealthy relationship with alcohol in the first place
• You get connection with me and others that helps you stay accountable and on track


1. You sign up for a Guidance Membership and you get instant access to all of the modules and activities in the programme: you work your way through each activity step-by-step in your own time and at your own pace.

2. There are six modules in total and up to eight steps in each module. There is an introduction to each module which explains the theme for that module and what to expect.

3. Each step within the modules starts with a guidance video which explains the activity you’ll be doing. The guidance video gives you all the knowledge you need to be able to take the next step.

4. Following the guidance video, you’ll do an activity.

5. The programme is jam-packed with videos, worksheets, questionnaires and audios which share strategies, show you what to do and hold your hand as you learn how to live your life sober.

6. You can use the Go Get Sober Facebook Group to stay in daily contact with Jo and ask questions, share your progress and get support from other members.

7. You work your way through in your own time, in the privacy and comfort of your own space and you can ask as many questions as you like along the way.

8. You can also access regular live sessions where you get to share your experiences, struggles and successes, pump up your motivation, get your questions answered and connect with others who have similar experiences. If you can’t make the live workshops, you can access video recordings.


You can start the programme at any time. You decide when to start, you’re in control of how often you check-in and do the next step (though we recommend a daily visit as best practice) and you can cancel or change your membership when you’re confident you’ve got the most from it.


All online in a private and secure space. You’re the only one that has access to your membership – no-one else can see your progress.

Only other members have access to the online community so you can be sure that your involvement with Go Get Sober stays as confidential as you want it to be.


At Go Get Sober we use tried and tested techniques and strategies that promote habit changes that last. Jo is a qualified coach and master NLP practitioner with decades of experience helping people to transform their lives.

She favours an evidence-based approach to working with people so you can be sure that the tips and strategies we use really work.

Go Get Sober promotes a positive approach to stopping drinking and living life sober. Rather than seeing an alcohol-free lifestyle as hard work, a daily struggle or something to be hidden and ashamed of, we see it as a liberating life choice with all sorts of positive and life-enhancing benefits.

At Go Get Sober we encourage a positive mindset, we help you to develop a healthier relationship with yourself and we support you to focus on what you want rather than on what you don’t. We also make it clear that the energy and activity comes from you. We provide you with the tools – it’s up to you to take responsibility for using them. All of this makes it more likely that your new sober habits will be sustainable into the future.

You also get access to some amazing bonus resources...

Online Community - for peer support and inspiration

An amazing group of warm, wise and wonderful people, some new like you with lots of questions and some who’ve been sober for longer and love to support, reassure and help you

Blog Library - complete with archived content

All in one place, a complete collection of hundreds of blogs sharing strategies for successful sober living and helping you to stay positive and enjoy the freedom

Motivational emails - to keep you on track

Giving you reminders, tips, ideas, a daily dose of inspiration and positivity, helping you feel connected and supported

Regular live sessions – real-time personal connection and support

Get your questions answered, learn how to deal with challenges, celebrate your successes, and gain reassurance and inspiration.

What does it all look like?

This is a welcome video for people who have signed up for a membership but it gives you a bit of a tour of the membership resources and shows you what to expect...

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