If you’re worried you might have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, if you’re thinking about stopping drinking or if you’ve already stopped and want some motivation to stay sober, then the Go Get Sober website is for you.

You can visit the site as regularly and often as you want to fire yourself up with motivation and inspiration from the Blogs and Vlogs, the Your Stories and the Ask Jo sections. The site is here to help keep you on track and help you develop a positive approach to thinking about living life sober.

For people who want some extra support and a hand to hold, there is a Guidance Membership or a Support Membership option. You pay a monthly subscription and you get access to tools, support and guidance that give you everything you need to stay happily and healthily sober. 

I’ve made it really easy for you to cancel or change your membership whenever you want to. I think it’s important for you to be in control of your own subscription and payments. You can just go to your account page, click a button and you’re done. Any scheduled payments will automatically be cancelled.

Generally, when people join the memberships, they get so much from them that they don’t want to leave until they’re totally confident with living life sober and are happy to go it alone. For some people this might only take four months and for some it might take a year. You’re in control and can leave whenever you’re ready. 

Some people find that they can stop drinking and stay sober by just visiting the site on a regular basis, reading other people’s stories, reading and watching the blogs and vlogs and joining in with the comments and discussions. Simply by having access to the Blogs and Vlogs, the Ask Jo and Your Stories sections, they feel part of the community and that’s enough motivation to help them stay on track and stay sober.

Other people find they want some extra support and guidance. They either want regular contact with me and a safe space to share their successes, challenges and progress with the Support Membership or they want more intensive support and to be told what to do and how to it. They want to be guided through some simple steps and activities that help them not just to stop drinking, but also to change how they approach life. They want to deal with some of the issues that led to them drinking in the first place so that it’s even less likely they’ll choose to go back to drinking again.

The Guidance Membership offers more of a structured coaching approach that helps people transform their lives in ways that mean they’re more confident to enjoy the freedom and benefits that living life sober can bring.

I offer the free content as well as the paid membership options so you can choose the one that suits you best. And, if you decide that you want to change your membership at any time, you can do that easily.
What I would say is it’s worth calculating how much money you’ve been spending on alcohol each month. This is usually a lot more than the cost of a membership. People who join the memberships still end up saving hundreds of pounds or dollars each month even with their membership subscription because they’re not buying alcohol and they’re not making so many reckless decisions about how to spend their money. They’re ending up in control of their spending and their finances.

People also report that when they invest in a membership, it feels like they’re making a commitment to themselves and this helps them to stay on track and stay motivated.

There is a box on the Ask Jo page that you fill in with your email address, your first name and your question. If you’d rather not use your first name, you can choose a pseudonym or alias that you’re comfortable with. When your question and answer is posted, people will only see your name, they won’t see your email address – I keep that private.

I do this so that other people can benefit from them. Every question that’s asked will resonate with hundreds of people. It’s reaffirming and reassuring when you read someone else’s question and realise you’re not the only one with that issue or problem. And, it also helps spread more information, education and knowledge. The more knowledge people have, the more power they have to make informed decisions.

Many people find that by writing out the story of their relationship with alcohol and reflecting on:

• what purpose alcohol was serving for them
• why it’s now no longer working for them
• what they want to change
• how they feel about it all

it helps them to get clear and motivated. It feels therapeutic. It can be like a weight has been lifted when they get what’s in their head or their heart out into words and into space. It’s especially validating when they know other people are going to read it.

It’s also really good practice for getting comfortable with discomfort. Part of ditching alcohol and learning to live life sober is learning to experience and not run away from uncomfortable emotions. When you feel nervous about sharing your story, it’s a good idea to go ahead and do it.

An extra bonus to sharing your story is that, when other people read it, it makes them feel better about their own situation. You’d be amazed how many people are experiencing similar things to you and how much better you can feel when you read someone else’s story and you realise you’re not alone. Just having this validation can give you extra strength and a feeling of togetherness.

And, you only need to use your first name or even an alias if you want to stay anonymous.

It’s for you if:

• You want some help to stop  drinking
• You’re worried your relationship with alcohol has become unhealthy
• You’ve tried to stop drinking before and not succeeded yet
• You’ve already quit drinking successfully and want some help staying sober
• You’ve been through a detox programme and are now clean and want some help staying sober

The Guidance Membership works for anyone who wants some support to stop drinking and stay sober. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you’ve been drinking or what your drinking patterns have been, Go Get Sober can help you.

The way the programme works is to help you change the behaviours you don’t want into behaviours you do want. So, it doesn’t matter what your current patterns of drinking are, I can help you to change them and to do things differently. 

I can guarantee that the tools in the Guidance Programme work when they’re used and applied. I can guarantee that the tools will help you to quit drinking and stay sober. What I can’t guarantee is your level of commitment to the programme. That needs to come from you.

I'll guide you through some techniques that help to raise and sustain your motivation and determination though, so it’s easier for you to commit yourself 100%.

In a nutshell, I give you the tools that work and it’s down to you to use them.

When you join the Guidance Membership you get access to:

• Everything in the Support Membership
• The Guidance Programme which uses a range of evidence-based strategies, NLP techniques and  coaching  tools that help you to make lasting and positive changes to your life
• Ongoing support and contact from me
• Blogs and vlogs that offer specific advice, guidance and support. Some of these relate directly to the content of the Guidance Programme and some of them give you extra tips, strategies and approaches you can use.
The Programme is made up of modules and steps. Each module contains a series of steps for you to follow in your own time. There is guidance accompanying each step, so you have all the knowledge you need to be able to complete that step.

Included in each Module are a variety of activities:
• Videos
• Audios
• Worksheets
• Activities
• Written guidance

The programme works by helping you change your habits around drinking. It helps you develop a positive mindset about what life sober is like. It helps you change behaviours and beliefs that might have led to an unhealthy relationship with drink in the first place. It guides you into choosing more helpful ways of thinking and acting that open your life up and helps you to develop a healthier and more loving relationship with yourself.

When you have a healthy relationship with yourself, you’re looking after yourself and your needs and you’re behaving and thinking in ways that are helpful to you, you eliminate the need to reach for something outside of you (like alcohol) to escape or feel better. This is what the programme gives you.

Yes. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve tried to stop in the past. It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking about stopping drinking, if you’ve already stopped drinking or if you’ve been living life sober for a while. The Guidance Programme equips you with tools that empower you to be confidently and effortlessly sober. All you have to do is use them.

One of the benefits to the Guidance Membership is that it helps you to experience being sober as a gain rather than a loss so that you learn to embrace and enjoy your new sober lifestyle, regardless of what stage in the process you are. 


If you have a physical dependency on alcohol, it’s important to detox with medical support as it can be dangerous to stop unsupervised.

If you’re worried about a physical dependency on alcohol and how to stop drinking safely, I recommend you see a trained health professional before you do anything.

While a detox or rehab programme can make sure you quit drinking in a way that won’t put you in physical danger or harm your body, the Guidance Membership can complement that by providing you with the mental motivation, strength and staying power to go through with it.

Once you’re through the detox, Go Get Sober helps you to stay on track and experience sobriety as a gain. Using Go Get Sober makes it much more likely that you’ll stay sober and create new, healthy and happy habits to keep you sober into your future.

The Go Get Sober Guidance Membership is not a medical or health intervention: it’s a programme that helps give you the mental motivation, strength and staying power to change your habits and to ENJOY and EMBRACE your new sober lifestyle. 

Your personal information is completely secure and will never be passed on to any third party. I have to abide by GDPR rules on storing personal information and can’t share any of this information without your permission.

All payments for memberships are processed using an encrypted, secure, payment gateway.

You can take a look at the Privacy Policy for more information.

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