My Story

I have a bit of a confession to make.

When I was younger, I discovered that I didn’t fit in. Others around me seemed so much more confident than I was. They didn’t seem to question the world and the rules around them. They didn’t seem to care about the things I cared about.

I often felt like there was something wrong with me. I felt like I was somehow different.

So, (and here’s confession part) I got things wrong. I messed up for a while. I tried to change myself to make myself fit. To make myself a different person.

And I discovered that alcohol helped me to do this. When I had my first drink, it was magical. I still remember being surrounded by a group of hysterical fellow fifteen year olds in the bright lights of our local Wimpy and enjoying the warm glow of confidence and warmth that the cider we had drank beforehand had given me. Alcohol helped me to act in ways that seemed more acceptable to the world and the people around me. It helped me feel more at ease. It gave me courage. It allowed me to play the rebel. When I was drinking, I felt invincible.

And, I got things wrong for years. I drank more and more as the years went by. And, as my body built up its tolerance to alcohol, I needed to drink more to experience the same effects.

And then, eventually, alcohol stopped doing its job. It stopped working for me and started working against me.

I started to dislike the person I became when I drank. I started to feel awful and only half-alive during the days I was drinking. I would wake up in fear and shame, unsure of what I’d said or done the night before. I was reorganising appointments and social events because I was feeling too rough. I was starting to feel paranoid that other people might notice and think I had a problem. I thought they might smell stale alcohol on my breath. I thought they might notice I was drinking three times as much as them. My self-worth and self-confidence started to suffer because I was feeling so low – I was experiencing high levels of anxiety and panic – my mental health was deteriorating. I’d started to build my diary and my life around drinking opportunities and had lost sight of the things that were really important to me. Alcohol was running my life and taking up too much energy and head-space. When I wasn’t drinking, I was thinking about drinking or recovering from drinking.

Countless times I told myself I was going to stop and then I kept reaching for the bottle again.

And then, in the end, I stopped drinking, stayed sober and started getting things right.

As a coach, trainer and leader, I had all sorts of techniques at my disposal which I’d been using to help other people transform their lives. I was able to apply these techniques and approaches to myself and they enabled me to stay sober even when I was tempted to drink. I was able to change the way I thought and felt so that I actually wanted to stay sober and was happy to choose not to drink.

Being sober became the desirable option, preferable to reaching for alcohol. I was able to experience getting sober as a huge benefit to my life. It was liberating and joyful rather than painful and difficult.

I also started to re-connect with who I really was and learnt to start loving myself. I changed the programming of the unconscious part of myself that had made drinking a habit. I began to heal the parts of me that alcohol had become a medicine for.

It turned out that the qualities that had made me feel so different when I was growing up were strengths. They had helped me develop self-awareness. They had helped me to learn and develop new skills. They had helped me to build strong relationships and to support others. They were what others loved about me.

They had also enabled me to forge my own way in the world with determination and skill, building a successful career leading, coaching and training others to transform their professional and personal lives.

They were what made me unique.

I realised that the “different” and “odd” that I felt when I was younger, was simply my own uniqueness and was something to be proud of. Something to celebrate, not to hide.

I developed the Go Get Sober Guidance Programme and website because I like to help people change. I enjoy seeing people transform their lives and blossom into who they want to be. And, because I know how well the programme works and how many people are out there struggling with drinking, I want to share it with as many people as possible to give them a happier, healthier and easier route into the life they want.

The freedom and fulfilment that being sober has given me is phenomenal. I feel like I have a new lease of life and that anything is possible. And, if all this is possible for me then it's also possible for you.

The freedom gained through sobriety is the freedom to run your life how you want it and it’s this freedom I want to give to you.

You’ve just made an important first step in coming here. You can relax now, knowing that Go Get Sober is here for you when you're ready to take the next step.

So, welcome to the Go Get Sober world. Welcome to a new way of living your life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Jo is a qualified coach and NLP master practitioner who has spent her working life supporting people to make transformational life and career changes.

She has:

  • coached adults to get to where they want to be in their lives, careers and relationships
  • coached vulnerable young people to make positive changes in their lives
  • helped private and public service projects improve their practice through coaching, training and consultancy
  • helped to create and develop nationally recognised leadership training programmes
  • led children’s centres and educational projects to nationally recognised success
  • taught English in secondary schools
  • worked with adults with learning difficulties


NLP Practitioner
NLP Master Practitioner
ILM7 Coaching Diploma
Solution-Focused Coaching 
Clean Language Coaching 
National Professional Qualification in Integrated Centre Leadership
Qualified Teacher Status
Degree in English Literature


ANLP – Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming
EMCC – European Mentoring and Coaching Council

Testimonials from people Jo has worked with:

The techniques Jo used allowed me to be creative with my thinking which in turn challenged ideas. I have been able to explore new concepts that have clearly had a positive impact, not only within my working environment but the thread runs through my personal life too. Lisa

Jo’s support and the intervention itself was most powerful and shifted thoughts and behaviours for me that I was not consciously aware were stifling me. I had an immediate positive relief from it which has multiplied for me during the past couple of weeks since. Jo has a natural ability and drive to help people and it is lucky for me that Jo has chosen to use these talents in a coaching capacity as I have benefitted immensely from these natural skills. Jo

I feel totally different! I would not normally ever fill out an evaluation form without some areas for improvement, but I cannot thank Jo enough and she will remain with me in my actions and motivation for my new life. I feel quite giddy with the information I have and the power it gives me to make a difference to the people around me and to the patients I have responsibility for. Jo was so generous with her facilitation that it humbled me and I will be forever in her debt. Life changing! Tracey

The level of challenge was just about perfect …I was very stuck with my thinking and needed an alternate version of the reality I had created and Jo used some very useful techniques to help me unstick myself!

The whole content of the sessions was based around the direction I wanted to travel. The sessions ended up moving me quickly and usefully to where I wanted to be. Jo facilitated this by understanding both where I was and enabling me to get where I needed to get to. Mark

What can I say Jo? It really has been brilliant working with you and it really has helped dramatically as you know because you were there! Eleanor