Kickstart - Module 1 – Introduction


The first module guides you into ramping up your motivation levels. It also provides you with a tool to help you through upcoming situations that you’re worried about dealing with sober. The main thrust of this module is to get you really clear on why you want to stop drinking and what you’ll be gaining when you’re living life sober.

One of the things that motivates you to stay sober once you’ve stopped drinking is to have a crystal clear understanding of all of the benefits to you this is going to bring. And, this module helps you to identify these.

Another thing that motivates you to stay sober once you’ve stopped drinking is having a clear image or sense of what being successfully sober is like. When you imagine what successfully sober you is like (how you’re different) you start to create your successfully sober reality. Again, this module helps you to do this.

It will also help you to formulate the start of an action plan. By the end of the module, you will have recorded all the things that it’s worth doing to make your life better and all the things you need to avoid in order to stay on the path you've chosen.

In the process of making your way through the eight steps in the module, you’ll explore your motivation in more and more depth and from different angles. The clarity and understanding you’ll gain from this will help you to stay motivated, determined and resilient.

Oh, and an extra bonus once you get to Step 8 is that you get to feel relaxed, calm and in control. You get some time out for you.

What you get from Module 1:

  • Ramped up levels of motivation and determination
  • A tool to help you deal with challenging situations you want to navigate sober
  • An understanding of how your life is going to be different when you’re living it sober
  • A record of things you need to avoid doing and things that are worth doing differently
  • A tool to help you relax, retrain your brain and take control

Ready? Let’s go…

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