Kickstart - Module 1 Step 7

Get motivated!

Module 1 Step 7 Guidance - What's worth doing differently?

In this step you’re going to go back to the mirror. But this time, the mirror is going to show you the future successfully sober you again. The person you want to be. This can be the same as the person you first saw in the mirror in Step 3, or it can be different because you’ve done some learning between then and now.

Things might have stayed the same or they might have changed. Either is fine.

This is an important step because it really helps you to recognise your choices and consequences. And, this is a powerful motivator. Once you have tapped into your imagination in this way and actually taken a good look at negative and positive consequences, you find it much easier to stay sober and get the life you want.

This step also gives you a concrete list of things that are worth doing.

Step 7 - What's worth doing differently?

  1.  Pick a time when you know you’ll be able to have 20 minutes or so uninterrupted peace, quiet and privacy
  2. Sit down or lie down comfortably and listen to the audio below
  3. Record your responses to the audio in your Getting Sober Record 
  4. Share your experience in the Support Forum

Step 7 Audio C - Things worth doing differently


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