Live life happily and healthily sober

Motivation blogs & vlogs (Free)

When you decide to change an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, it’s important to get into a positive and focused mindset. It’s important to understand why you want to get sober and to keep that motivation high. At times you might feel challenged and when your motivation and commitment is strong, it’s much easier to stay sober. The Motivation Blogs & Vlogs help you to get into the right mindset and to stay positive, focused and inspired.

Ask Jo (Free)

It can be scary for some people to think about changing an ingrained habit like drinking. It might be that you’re feeling anxious about your physical health, your mental health or your own specific situation and need to find out more about how stopping drinking could affect you. It might be that you’re anxious because you don’t think you can do this. Or, you might just want to find out more information. Whatever your question, you can get the answer here.

Your Stories (Free)

Often, by the time they decide to do something about it, people who have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol are feeling desperate, alone and isolated. Reading other people’s stories can give you reassurance and help you to feel less alone. Sharing your own story can help you to feel like a weight has been lifted. By shifting your story from inside of you onto a page or screen, you can look at it more objectively and see things more clearly. This can be a huge relief, can connect you to other people and help you to take more action.

Support Forum (Support or Guidance Membership)

It’s through mutual sharing and connecting that you gain strength, validation and a sense of belonging. Staying connected with other people who are non-judgemental, understanding and are going through similar experiences to you is a key part of getting successfully sober. In the Forum you can use real time messaging to share your experiences and challenges, celebrate your successes and receive personal support from me. It’s a private and safe online space where you can check-in every minute, every hour or every day – whatever you need to do to stay in control, strong and inspired.

Email Support from Jo (Support or Guidance Membership)

Some people find it helpful to have reminders and encouragement sent direct to their inbox. Not only am I in the Forum with you, responding to your questions and challenges, but I’ll stay in regular email contact with you too. You’ll receive regular support emails linking you to the latest blogs, vlogs and information but you can also email me as much as you like and you’ll receive personal support and responses from me to help keep you on track.

Support Blogs & Vlogs (Support or Guidance Membership)

Sometimes different people come up with the same questions, issues and themes and it can be useful to share an answer or solution with everyone. The Support Blogs & Vlogs give more specialist support, respond to these themes and issues and offer tips, ideas and strategies that help you to stay sober more easily. They share alternative and innovative approaches to stopping drinking so that your journey into happy sober living is an easier one.

Guidance Programme (Guidance Membership)

Some people need a bit more than motivation and support – they want to be shown exactly what to do and how to do it. The Guidance Programme is a modular online programme that guides you through steps, activities, tools and techniques that give you everything you need to stay confidently sober.

I hold your hand as you make your way through the modules and steps in the programme. There is a range of activities from questionnaires to audios – all carefully structured so that you coach yourself into an easy and successful sobriety. They’re all based on techniques that are used in coaching and NLP to help people make lasting change and transform their lives.

You get to do it all in your own time, in your own privacy and at your own pace. I’m with you every step of the way, giving you all the support and guidance you need to re-imagine and create your future as a happy, healthy, sober one with you being exactly how you want to be.

The programme helps you to:

  • Learn techniques that help you to stop drinking and stay stopped
  • Experience getting sober as a liberating and enjoyable change that enables you to get the most out of life
  • Develop a better relationship with yourself and deal with some of the issues that led to an unhealthy relationship with alcohol in the first place so that you don’t ever need to go back to drinking

It’s a bit like having your own life coach but at a fraction of the price!

Guidance blogs & vlogs (Guidance Membership)

As people make their way through the programme, I post regular blogs and vlogs that link to their experiences and questions. These are exclusive to Guidance Members and offer insights, tips and strategies. They often link to the new concepts that are introduced in the programme and help to develop your understanding and confidence. In my professional life, I often come across new and exciting techniques, ideas and inspiring experiences, and when I do, I share them with you here.

You don’t have to feel shame. You don’t have to give yourself an unhelpful identity. You CAN develop a mindset and approach to living sober that’s motivating and positive.

If alcohol has been making you miserable, why wait any longer? Invest the time and bring your new sober future to life.

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