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Struggling with Drinking?

If you have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, you might believe it’s impossible for you to stop drinking and to live life without alcohol. And, that if you try to, it will be hard work, boring, a daily struggle.

You might have tried to quit drinking before and not succeeded yet. You might be scared of what will happen if you carry on drinking and scared of life without alcohol if you stop.

At Go Get Sober, we help people to develop a mindset towards living life alcohol-free that’s positive and motivating. We enable them to experience alcohol-free living as liberating, rewarding and sustainable. We do this through an online programme which gives people the tools and strategies they need to stop drinking with confidence and control.

Go Get Sober members who use the online programme stop drinking and stay stopped. They learn how to navigate challenging situations with confidence and positivity. They find renewed self-respect and motivation, not only for living life sober but in other areas of their lives too.

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Here's what you get with a Guidance Membership:

  • a step-by-step online coaching programme showing you what to do and how to do it
  • a motivating daily email with reminders, tips and ideas to keep you on track
  • a live weekly, workshop where you can get your questions answered
  • support and encouragement in our non-judgmental and private online community
  • access to our entire blog library for sober motivation, reassurance and inspiration

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Get motivated and inspired with an affordable monthly subscription created to make the Guidance Programme accessible to all. With a membership option you can cancel at any time, you're in control.

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The benefit of a lifetime access membership is that you can relax and feel safe knowing you have all of the resources, support and inspiration you need whenever you need them for as long as you want them.

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The ultimate support package, personalised for you. Not only do you get lifetime access to all the member resources for free, you also get three one-to-one sober coaching sessions with Jo, helping you transform your life and make your new sober habits stick.

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