Struggling with Drinking?

If you have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, you might believe it’s impossible for you to stop drinking and to live life without alcohol. And, that if you try to, it will be hard work, boring, a daily struggle.

You might have tried to quit drinking before and not succeeded yet. You might be scared of what will happen if you carry on drinking and scared of life without alcohol if you stop.

At Go Get Sober, we help people to develop a mindset towards living life alcohol-free that’s positive and motivating. We enable them to experience alcohol-free living as liberating, rewarding and sustainable. We do this through:

- free membership of a supportive and inspiring Facebook Group
- the free resources on this site
- and personalised coaching support for people who want an extra helping hand.

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Community Support

Get all the guidance, advice and support you need from our amazing community in the Go Get Sober Facebook Group. The most inspiring, encouraging and reassuring group of people you could wish for - you don't have to feel alone - let's go get sober together!

Go Get Sober Facebook Group

Coaching Support

Want a helping hand? Ready to invest in yourself and make a positive change? Personal coaching support with Jo will give you the motivation, strength and confidence you need to succeed. 

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