The Go Get Sober Support Forum

The Go Get Sober Support Forum is a private, exclusive coaching and mentoring group teaching you how to:

  1. live life happily and healthily sober
  2. improve your overall wellbeing
  3. replace unhealthy behaviours with healthier ones
  4. create the life you want
  5. achieve your goals
  6. be the best version of yourself


Emma's Story

Not Your Average Forum

This isn’t just an online community for people who want to master alcohol-free living, it's for people who want to enjoy and feel liberated by their sober lifestyle. It's for people who want to live better, happier and more fulfilled lives. It’s for people who want greater health, wellbeing and freedom.

The Forum provides mentoring and support to people who want to get sober and stay sober but we also support people who might have moved through that phase and who want to focus on other areas of their lives, like fitness, career, wellbeing, relationships, decision making, etc.

This is not your average forum. This is a forum with a purpose... a forum which guides, supports and coaches you into the kind of freedom and joyful living that only the right approach and mindset to sobriety can give you.

The Support Forum is for People Who...

  • are determined to do things differently
  • want to live life better
  • want to get confident with living life sober
  • or want to improve their overall quality of life
  • want to learn and grow
  • are open to new ways of thinking
  • are ready to do some work to become the person they want to be
  • recognise that they have the power to change their behaviours and create the life they want but want some help to do it

10 Things You Get From The Support Forum

  1. support from a non-judgemental and understanding community
  2. connection and belonging
  3. a place to share
  4. a place to learn
  5. a place to feel safe
  6. motivation, inspiration and positivity
  7. tips, advice, suggestions and information (that's the mentoring part)
  8. questions, challenges and strategies to help you think things through and come up with your own solutions (that's the coaching part)
  9. tools to help you make the changes you want to make in your life
  10. tips on developing the kind of mindset that sets you up for success whether that's in living life sober or any area of your life
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Hi, I'm Jo, the founder of Go Get Sober

I'm in the Forum with you to:

  • Answer your questions
  • Moderate the group and check in regularly
  • Respond to your #mentoring and #coaching posts when you tag me
  • Challenge and support, mentor and coach you
  • Share valuable resources and techniques with you
  • Share my learning with you

How to Use the Support Forum

  • Post your challenges and struggles
  • Post your successes and achievements
  • Ask questions
  • Celebrate your own and others’ progress
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Tag me in your post if you want me to respond

    Use either #mentoring or #coaching to let me know if you’d prefer a mentoring or coaching style response

    #mentoring means I’ll respond in normal conversational style, giving you tips, advice or suggestions.

    #coaching means I’ll respond in coaching style with further questions, thoughts or strategies designed to challenge you, help you think deeper and come up with your own solutions and actions.
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