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I've been lying to myself

I told myself a big fat lie this morning! 😮

I'd been awake since 6.00 and was driving into work at 10.00 wondering what the hell I'd done with the last four hours. The story I was telling myself as I allowed my mood to take a dive was that I'd been awake for hours and done nothing.

I'd been totally unproductive and achieved diddly squat.

I couldn't believe I'd been up for that long and was unable to think of a single thing that I'd accomplished... I momentarily sank into a bit of a pit - my frame of mind as I approached my working day was very negative.

Luckily, I caught myself, recognised that I was telling myself a story about these "wasted" four hours and decided to examine the story and pull the truth out. So, I tried to remember everything I'd done since I'd woke up... Lo and behold, a long list started to emerge. I remembered I had:

  • made breakfast and done two lots of dishes
  • hoovered the floors
  • done some ironing
  • did an hour of paperwork/admin
  • reset the timer on my hot water heater and all my radiators
  • spent an hour on my website content
  • prepared three meals and my lunch

...not bad... 😁😁😁

And, yet my first thought had been that I'd wasted these hours...

Left to their own unconscious devices, our brains can trick us with the stories they spin about who we are, what we've done and what we're capable of. Often, they're spinning a story that's based on limiting beliefs we have about ourselves and the world around us. It's worth checking these stories sometimes, especially when they're affecting our mood and emotions.

Whether it's a story about yourself and who you are, a story about something you've done, a story about your future, you can check the truth of it , choose the truth of it and write the truth of it.

The truth of my story this morning was that I'd woken up early and been super-productive with my time. I'd accomplished lots of the little tasks that I hadn't had time to do during the week and I'd taken some time to relax over breakfast too. It was a great start to the day and, by the time I'd worked this out, my mood had improved and I felt full of energy and positivity!

When you're thinking about living life sober, pay attention to what stories you're telling yourself. If your brain has the power to make up lies about what you've just spent the last four hours doing, it has the power to lie about your future life sober.

Whatever story your brain is telling you about sober living is the story you'll bring to life so choose the story wisely and write it well! 📖🖋🖋🖋


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