One-to-One Coaching testimonials

"With coaching I feel supported like I'm not alone in my quest and my struggles. You are so kind, genuinely caring and really help me believe in myself. You are never judgemental, just encouraging and help me look forward and at what I can do about my current issues. It goes way beyond stopping drinking but working on self-esteem and confidence. I doubt I would be sober now without your support."
"Without your coaching I know I’d still be drinking. Just knowing I have a session with you coming up keeps me on track. The techniques I’ve learnt have been powerful and have helped me get through some major social events where I would most certainly ended up on the booze."
"I feel supported and like you understand me when no-one else does. I leave our conversations believing I can do it. I think it gives me the belief in myself and the motivation to keep going."
"The guilt and fear and paranoia that was my everyday normality has been removed and I am able to be more present and real in my job and at home. I’m starting to be me for the first time in years. Better sleep and more energy which I didn’t think was possible for me. You helped me take my life back."