Personal Coaching

Personal coaching + Guidance Lifetime Access - £899

The ultimate support package, personalised for you. Not only do you get lifetime access to all the member resources for free, you also get three one-to-one sober coaching sessions with Jo, helping you transform your life and make your new sober habits stick.

I have found the whole coaching process enlightening and life enhancing! I feel like I don’t need alcohol in my life anymore and that I have choice and control. I feel free!

Thomas, London

When you’re ready to invest in yourself and make a change, personal coaching with Jo will give you the motivation, strength and confidence you need to succeed and stay sober for good.

Speaking to you really spurs me on. I’m more energised and positive. It reminds me I’m in control and I’m going to stick to that. It keeps me going.

Tracey, Utah

Whether you want some support to stop drinking and kickstart a new sober lifestyle or you want to make sure you stay on track with the sober living you’ve already started, bespoke coaching support built around your individual needs will set you up for success.

I feel quite giddy with the information I have and the power it gives me to make a difference to myself and the people around me.  Jo was so generous with her coaching that it humbled me and I will be forever in her debt.  Life changing!

Danielle, Michigan

Personal and private one-to-one sessions with Jo help you develop the kind of positive mindset that empowers you to enjoy your new sober lifestyle, feel liberated by it and sustain it into the future.

I feel energised and excited after our call. I always feel so much better and positive after speaking with you. It makes a big difference in my life having your help, support and encouragement.

Charlie, UK


How it works:

  1. You express your interest by filling in the contact form below
  2. You receive a free exploratory/introductory phone-call from Jo within 7 days
  3. You agree dates and times for your coaching sessions
  4. Jo calls you at the agreed times for a phone or video coaching call


Thank you for everything Jo, I've thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and working with you. I feel I've have changed so much since we first started working together and that's down to you. This is the first time I've truly felt that I've connected and responded so well to any kind of talking therapy, so thank you again!

Lorraine, US


With Jo’s help, life doesn’t stop when you stop drinking, it starts!