After coming across you some time ago and reading many blogs and listening to your videos for a whole day and doing nothing else, I became in the right frame of mind to have a go at stopping drinking. I wasn't exactly in the situation whereby I got obviously drunk or couldn't go out to the pub or for a meal without having to have a drink.
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Hello x Your website appeared in my fb feed just as I was beginning to realise I was sliding down that slippery path towards a very unhealthy relationship with alcohol once again. I gave up drinking in 1999, just before the millennium celebrations of 2000. Why? because I ended up in a police cell...
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What's different this time?

This time around I feel I have my best chance in remaining sober permanently having spent years on a hellish merry go round of stopping for short periods, getting longer each time, but always resorting back to my frenemy alcohol when life or my personal pain both physical and emotional got too much to cope with.
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Right where shall I start?

Well in my mid / late 20’s I discovered clubbing with my friends and having my first proper few tastes of nursing hangover’s was the start of my relationship with alcohol, I was a late starter for clubbing and boozing as I was a young single mum to my daughter.
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I feel guilty writing this, I had a good childhood and a very loving family. I know others have had terrible childhoods and far more understandable reasons for falling into addiction. I have no one to blame for my drinking, it is an attitude and a habit I got into myself. This isn’t about blame, it is about where my attitude to drink was formed and my habit began.
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I lost my husband ten years ago. He was the one who would say “I think we’ve had enough now, shall we have a cup of tea before going to bed”. Now I have no one to keep me in check. I knew I was losing control, although I was quite capable of presenting a positive front to everyone, including my family.
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