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I’m sure your triggers will sound familiar to lots of people, Annette. You’re doing exactly the right thing by planning and preparing for them and by using a book to reflect on things – keep going, you’re doing great! Btw, my memory and concentration improved dramatically when I stopped drinking – then the menopause hit and I feel like my brain is like sludge some days – Lol! But a brain like sludge sober is still better than a brain like sludge with a hangover!


Love this video. Identifying my triggers is easy…. stress, boredom, drinking habits, family issues, worry about my children when there is a problem.

Dealing and preparing for theses situations is something I will need to work on . I will need to make notes on this.

The bit about the wound and the plaster is so accurate. And I am slowly dealing with my wound /s . I have this get sober site now to keep me inspired and on the right road.

What jo said about the health benefits is something to really look forward to . Especially my memory and concentration, which isn’t too good at the moment.


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