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I can't tell you how in 1 short month my perspective on almost everything in my life has changed incrementally....but I am going to try:

SLEEP - I no longer drag myself out of bed thinking "here we go again" rather "let's see what the day will bring" (well most mornings anyway) I am waking up refreshed more often than not and not pressing snooze 5 times before getting out of bed

WORK - awkward customers are no longer the bug bear that they used to be. This is largely because I am less expectant and more patient with them. I find I listen better and am more tolerant of silly questions, general griping and people trying to patronise me Just getting a lot more out of my work day generally and not spending half the time looking at the clock

RELATIONSHIP - you would have to ask my partner I suppose but I feel like I am being more patient with him, more empathic so better able to listen and engage. I no longer feel stuck in a routine, we are getting more out of our time and doing more both together and apart. His drinking has cut down too - he will have 4 beers while watching the football (instead of 10 while trying to keep up with me) My libido has also increased Lucky hubby

PHYSICALLY - more energy due to better sleep and more regular exercise, clearer skin, I can breath better as am not suffocated by cigarettes, flatter, more toned tummy, walking taller

GENERAL ATTITUDE - not being triggered as often so am a lot calmer and less irritable. I am finally coming to the realisation (after 47 years on this planet) that human beings can be inherintly selfish, thoughtless and do not often act in the way you expect them to (I obviously include myself here) and this does not make them bad people. It is madness to expect anything from anyone, also to try to change anyone or think that they should behave in a situation the way you would. I am getting to grips I suppose with the old cliche idea that I should treat people the way I would like to be treated and don't get bent out of shape when I don't receive the same treatment in return. Ultimately I am happier as a result

MENTAL HEALTH: After being on Sertraline for the past 6 years, I have finally weened myself off the anti-depressants and being Alcohol Free while doing it has helped massively. It feels great not to have to rely on a prescription drug and I really haven't suffered any anxiety or withdrawal. I think the hangovers and general lethargy where depressing the hell out of me and no amount of Sertraline could help that

It's as if I have had tunnel vision for so long and now things are starting to expand, my perspective, my emotions, everything.

So anyway, I need to keep pushing and stay sober. I need to keep reaching out, reading as much as possible (knowledge is power) and keep up the activities that serve me best - yoga, healthy walks, sober socialising (turns out I am still a good laugh and have as much fun with my friends without the booze!).

Feeling like I have put my demon to sleep and with hard work and perseverance she will stay that way

Hope everyone has a super day, stay strong, keep pushing. We got this!


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